The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1007 - A Massive Explosion (2)

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Chapter 1007: A Massive Explosion (2)

That explosion threw the retreating horsemen into a bright frenzy. Death permeated the air as a string of explosions continued to be set off among the troops, completely shattering their heavy armour. Raging fire swallowed everything. Within seconds, the entire army of horsemen had perished.

“This… what the hell happened?” Shi Dakai stared incredulously at the multiple explosions before him. He could hardly believe his eyes.

Explosives made from black gunpowder would have to be used to set off these explosions in a battlefield. And such explosives were very obvious to spot and required flames to ignite. They were entirely not suitable to be used in ambush situations. When the horsemen were advancing, the land before them looked normal. In addition, nothing had happened when they stepped over the ground earlier, but now… their retreat was triggering those explosions.

This situation was utterly beyond comprehension.

“Is it gold cultivation?” The deputy general’s face had turned pale.

Only a powerful gold cultivator could forge explosives that could be hidden so well.

“Could it be Gong Qiang? Isn’t he already dead?” Shi Dakai looked extremely grim. In a battle, the most challenging obstacle would be gold cultivators, who could create gold cultivated items with powerful killing capacity. The only gold cultivator in the Free Valley was Gong Qiang.

Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation skills were formidable and few could go against him.


They had received earlier news that Gong Qiang was already dead. Moreover, he had died at the hands of that Hua Xia Queen.

As they discussed the situation, a piece of armour from the splintered body of a Fu Xiang horseman landed right before Shi Dakai. The deputy general rushed forward and was shocked to discover that the armour had no traces of black gunpowder at all.

Even a gold cultivator would require black gunpowder when creating explosives.

But they detected no traces of black gunpowder.

What was happening?

Shi Dakai was already driven to the edge by the disorder before him. He could not understand why the ground would suddenly explode now, when it was perfectly normal before. This was illogical!

Amidst the chaos, a team of men and horses hiding at the two sides of the entrance to the Free Valley made use of a secret tunnel which they had dug beforehand, and sneaked into the mountains. They peeked at the messy battlefield from between the gaps.

“The explosive talismans of our queen are too exceptional! Look at the Fu Xiang men’s flabbergasted faces! This is too great.” The devil-masked men from Yan Luo Dian watched the explosive scene before them excitedly. Their blood was pumping with adrenaline.

The Fu Xiang men were unaware that the ground in front of the Free Valley entrance was already laid with numerous explosive talismans. These talismans could be remotely controlled and did not require any medium. They could be ignited as and when the time was right.

In addition, those talismans held an effective range of about 1,000 hectares. Once triggered, they could easily eliminate half of the 150,000-strong Fu Xiang army!

The devil-masked men were still in exuberance. But their leader, Duanmu Hongru, had already calmed down and asked a group of Yan Luo Dian men, who were without bows and arrows, “Have you calculated the distance?”