The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1006 - A Massive Explosion (1)

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Chapter 1006: A Massive Explosion (1)

Shi Dakai had experienced countless wars and always leveraged upon the advantageous geography of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang to win battle after battle. He deployed his troops with god-like skills and there was hardly anyone who was his match. As small as the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was, he was already famous across the world.

But this time, it met Shi Dakai with a major obstacle. He totally could not implement his ingenious military tactics against the Free Valley. As an attacker, he was now completely immobilized by the hidden Hua Xia troops.

No general would fear facing his enemy’s head on. They could make use of their own wiles to take victory. However, Shi Dakai had his hands tied. He could not find a solution for Hua Xia’s attack-and-retreat tactics.

To dissolve this stalemate, he could have his sorcerers blow up the two mountains entirely.


There were limits to the sorcery powers of the sorcerers. If he had his current team of sorcerers completely destroy those two mountains now, they would have no energy left for the remaining battle.

And such an action would harm not even a single enemy. This massive drain in sorcery powers was totally not worth the results.

“There must be an expert inside the Kingdom of Hua Xia, directing their actions.” Shi Dakai’s expression was grave. He had thought it would be an easy battle and never expected to be so disadvantaged right from the beginning.

Currently, the horsemen were trapped by the enemy forces and unable to advance into the valley. The sorcerers would need to continuously spend their powers to shield the horsemen if they were to forcibly make their way in.

They had already wasted so much energy in that first step into the Free Valley. This battle had gone beyond Shi Dakai’s estimations right from the start.

The deputy general also looked very grim. “General Shi, what should we do now? If we continue to attack, the horsemen will suffer even heavier losses. And even if they advance into the valley, there is no way to tell if victory would be at hand.”

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang had so effortlessly crippled the careful deployment of the Fu Xiang horsemen. This loss was hard to bear.

Shi Dakai’s face had turned pallid. After weighing the pros and cons, he immediately ordered for the horsemen to turn back. He would have them regroup before attacking again. At the same time, Shi Dakai commanded his sorcerers to cast powerful explosive spells as a cover to ensure those horsemen could retreat safely.

Under the barrage of explosive spells, the attack from the two mountains halted. Hearing the signal to retreat, those horsemen immediately turned back. Ashen-faced, who knew what horrors they had already endured in this temporary period.


Just as the Fu Xiang horsemen were retreating, there was a sudden vibration on the ground beneath the feet of the last few riders. Amidst the chaos, they failed to notice that small anomaly, and continued in their hasty escape.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound rang out!

The retreating horsemen saw a streak of fire shoot across the sky. A powerful fireball sped towards them and exploded upon hitting the ground!

In the next instant, the force of the explosion sent dozens of horsemen flying through the air!

“What happened!” Shi Dakai sat up abruptly on his horse. He was thunderstruck by the sudden explosion.