The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1005 - The Power of Hua Xia (3)

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Chapter 1005: The Power of Hua Xia (3)

Standing at the back, the scene stunned Shi Dakai before him. They had been stationed outside the Free Valley for half a day and conducted a thorough reconnaissance of the area and detected no sign of their enemies hiding anywhere.

Meng Fusheng was the only one who appeared before them. No one expected such a strong counterattack!

Shi Dakai looked up and surveyed the two mountain peaks flanking the valley entrance. His heart gave a violent lurch at what he saw!

Thousands of archers had burst out at the two peaks. They were like miracle soldiers descended from the heavens with no prior warning.

Under the rain of arrows, those fallen horsemen were totally defenseless. They were only about 100 meters away from the entrance of the Free Valley, but this scant distance had become an uncrossable gap.

Even wearing their heavy armour, the dense rain of arrows was hard to withstand. Several men already had their armours pierced through by the arrows!

Having lost their steeds and unable to reach their enemies, the horsemen had become completely useless and were utterly defeated for the time being.

Looking at the heavy losses suffered by his horsemen, Shi Dakai’s expression turned exceptionally vicious. He immediately ordered his archers and sorcerers to attack the enemy archers stationed at the two mountain peaks.

He had tens of thousands of archers and sorcerers among his 150,000-strong army. The attack from such an enormous force was enough to flatten both mountains!

The Fu Xiang sorcerers completed their chants and cast offensive spells towards the Hua Xia archers, destroying the two mountains and causing pieces of broken rock to fall off. However, Shi Dakai did not smile at this.

This was because those Hua Xia archers who were just attacking their horsemen had suddenly disappeared. Even after all that explosion, there was not a single enemy corpse to be seen. That extremely frustrated Shi Dakai.

“Damn it! How could they have retreated so quickly?” Shi Dakai gritted his teeth and had his archers and sorcerers stop their attack. Meanwhile, his horsemen took a breather, before crawling up from the ground and continue their way into the Free Valley.


The moment Shi Dakai halted his attack, those Hua Xia archers suddenly reappeared at the peaks of the mountains. They once again rained arrows down at the horsemen, causing the riders to cry out in desperation.

Shi Dakai was nearly driven mad. Those archers instantly retreated the minute they started attacking, but would materialize out of thin air again the moment they stopped to shoot at the horsemen.

It was just a distance of about 100 meters, but even after an hour, the Fu Xiang horsemen still could not cross that. Meanwhile, they were being constantly pummeled by arrows.

The battle had yet to really begin and the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had already suffered the loss of several thousand horsemen. On the other side, the soldiers of the Kingdom of Hua Xia remained unharmed!

Shi Dakai had never experienced such a mortifying situation in war before!

What kind of person could gain such total control over the battlefield!

[Mini theatre]

Shi Dakai: Which bastard dares to go against me, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang’s number one god of war!

Little Chi Tong: Oh.

Shi Dakai: Is it too late for me to surrender now?