The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1004 - The Power of Hua Xia (2)

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Chapter 1004: The Power of Hua Xia (2)

Looking at the sure-win scenario before him, Shi Dakai was totally relaxed.

If it was the Meng Fusheng of the past, he would have already attacked Shi Dakai at his provoking words. But now, Meng Fusheng was not the least bit angry. He even smiled. “Oh that, I am very loyal.”

Shi Dakai nearly puked blood at Meng Fusheng’s shameless words. He had never met a full-grown man so willing to admit that he was a dog?

At that, Shi Dakai was even more disdainful of Meng Fusheng. He disgusted him completely.

“You truly disgust me. Enough of your nonsense. Your Hua Xia has broken our laws—harboring a wanted criminal from my kingdom and murdering our ambassador. These two offenses will not be taken lightly. You must repent and hand over Mai Ya, and let us bring your ruler back to our capital city to personally apologize to our Emperor. Otherwise, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang will destroy the Free Valley and Hua Xia!”

After Shi Dakai finished his threats, the 150,000 soldiers behind him hollered until the ground beneath their feet shook.

Amidst the thunderous shouts, Meng Fusheng just narrowed his eyes and smirked.

“You want our queen to repent? Dream on!”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need to speak any further. We will go to war! Meng Fusheng, I will not care even if you are the only one on the battlefield. Or should I say that your Kingdom of Hua Xia comprises just a bunch of cowards? Hiding in a corner and trembling in fright when the battle is just beginning!” Shi Dakai glanced past Meng Fusheng only to see that he was all alone, with no one else in sight.

Nevertheless, Shi Dakai was not surprised. What kind of place was the Free Valley? The people here were all vicious and selfish. Where would they find the teamwork to defend against the powerful Fu Xiang?

Meng Fusheng lifted his chin at Shi Dakai. “Let’s go to battle if that’s what you want. The Kingdom of Hua Xia is not afraid of you! Come on!”

Shi Dakai gave a cold laugh at Meng Fusheng’s misplaced courage. He raised his long sword.


At his low shout, the Fu Xiang horsemen at the forefront immediately advanced towards the Free Valley.

Dust flew under their hooves as they carried a murderous energy with them.


Meng Fusheng remained unmoving on his horse. He had no intention of fleeing.

Just as the horsemen were about to enter the Free Valley, the sound of a bugle horn suddenly blared out from the two mountains flanking the valley.

Instantly, rows of black figures appeared at the top of the two mountains. Within seconds, arrows rained down from the sky towards the horsemen!

The stampeding horsemen never expected the sudden onslaught. Although they were wearing heavy armour that normal arrows could not penetrate, their horses were not protected so. And those arrows appeared to be aimed directly at the legs of the horses!

The steeds all lost their balance after being struck. Unable to suddenly stop in the middle of their sprint, countless of horses fell heavily and threw their riders violently onto the ground!

The abrupt attack was beyond anyone’s expectations. The fallen horsemen had no time to react at all. Not only were they thrown to the ground, their own horses crushed quite a number of them!