The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1003 - The Power of Hua Xia (1)

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Chapter 1003: The Power of Hua Xia (1)

Half a month later, a 150,000-strong army from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang stood outside the Free Valley. They had already sealed off the entrance to the valley with teams of armoured horsemen armed with lances. Behind them were fully armoured swordsmen, sorcerers, archers and priests.

And the commander of this enormous army was Fu Xiang’s top war general—Shi Dakai.

Shi Dakai was over 50 years of age and his hair was already turning white at the edges. Nevertheless, his eyes were full of spirit and he didn’t look the least bit old and frail. As the top Fu Xiang general, he was highly regarded in the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and his status was on par with Terminators.

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang used to be weak and suffered attacks from their neighboring countries. Under Shi Dakai’s command, they had leveraged upon Fu Xiang’s advantageous location to win battle after battle. He had then gained the reputation of being a god of war.

Shi Dakai frowned as he looked at the Free Valley. Hatred laced his eyes.

“General Shi, there have been no movements from the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Should we enter the valley?” A deputy general asked.

Although they were starting a battle, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had never regarded Hua Xia as a worthy opponent. They had just let Shi Dakai lead an army, and did not even activate any Terminators, keeping them at the borders to ward off demon attacks.

As for this battle, Shi Dakai was rather discontented. To him, the Free Valley was just a bunch of ragtags gathering to proclaim they were a nation. It was all just a farce, and completely unnecessary to mobilize a 150,000-strong troop.

“No need. We just have to guard the entrance to the Free Valley,” Shi Dakai replied in a grave voice. “The Free Valley only has one entrance and the resources within the valley are scarce. They will be starved of resources in a few days’ time and will need to step out then.”

The deputy general nodded. “General Shi is smart. The 20,000 men in the Free Valley is just a drop in the ocean for us.”

How could they withstand an army seven times their size?

This battle would be like attacking rocks with eggs.

“We just do not understand where they have hidden Mai Ya,” The deputy general said.

Hearing the words Mai Ya, Shi Dakai frowned even deeper. Disgust flashed across his eyes. “After this war, we must send that Mai Ya back to the capital city. We cannot allow such an unfilial girl to run free.”


Just as Shi Dakai was conversing with the deputy general, a figure slowly walked out of the Free Valley.

Shi Dakai immediately looked over.

Only to see a handsome, but scarred man riding a stallion. He leisurely rode before everyone’s line of sight.

When Shi Dakai realized who it was, the disgust in his eyes intensified.

“It’s Meng Fusheng from the Blood Tribe.”

Meng Fusheng gradually came forth, facing the 150,000-strong army alone. Nevertheless, he displayed not the slightest bit of fear, but looked rather amused. He surveyed the huge troops and said, “The Kingdom of Fu Xiang wishes to declare war against the Kingdom of Hua Xia?”

Shi Dakai smirked. “Meng Fusheng, long time no see. Never expected you to have become a dog to a higher power.”

Shi Dakai had engaged Meng Fusheng in battle long before the Blood Tribe took control of Fu Guang City. In the end, the Blood Tribe was outnumbered and escaped to the Free Valley in defeat.