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Chapter 995: The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (6)

Back then, five yuan was still a lot of money to them.

An Xiaxia put the ice cream back immediately after she heard the price. “I don’t want it.”

Kang Jian glared at her, picked it back up, and stuffed it into her hand.

“Buddy, keep the change!”

The shop owner laughed. “That’s the exact amount.”

Kang Jian blushed a little, then led An Xiaxia out.

An Xiaxia said uneasily, “It’s so expensive… I think we should return it…”

“Just take it!” Kang Jian snapped, then yelled, “This is the most luxurious ice cream in the convenience store! Don’t waste it!”


An Xiaxia sat down in the shade of a tree and began to eat the ice cream in small bites.

Kang Jian watched on the side, and would ask “Is it good?” every now and then.

An Xiaxia gave it some thought, then nodded affirmatively. “Yes!”

Kang Jian suddenly felt that the five yuan was very well spent.

One ate and the other watched, which turned out to be quite a harmonious picture.

After she finished the ice cream, Kang Jian asked, “How old are you?”

“I’m nine.”

“You’re younger than me! Now, you can call me Brother Kangkang, Brother Jianjian, or Brother Handsome! Hahaha!”


The student in charge of sports activities called out at that moment, “Hey, you two, get over here! The teacher is organising a game for us!”

An Xiaxia went over with Kang Jian. The PE teacher was an amiable, chubby middle-aged man, who asked, “What do you want to play?”

There were all kinds of suggestions.

“Truth or dare!”



A boy said teasingly, “Let’s play house!”

“Hahaha —” The class guffawed. However, the teacher nodded and said, “Why not? Let’s relive our childhood, then.”

The class hesitated for a moment, but they were still kids and were used to following their teachers’ instructions. An animated discussion soon began.

They quickly determined the theme: Cinderella.

The prettiest girl in the class was Cinderella and the tallest boy the prince. Two boys took the parts of the vicious sisters, while the PE teacher was prompted to become the stepmother.

They soon ran out of characters. When it was An Xiaxia’s and Kang Jian’s turns, they had to make up the roles they were going to play.

“How about a couple at the banquet?” someone jeered.

Kang Jian scratched his head and chuckled. “Sure. Xiaxia, you’ll call me Jianjian Hubby and I’ll call you Xiaxia Wifey!”

The game then started and everyone got into their roles.

When it was finally their turn, Kang Jian said loudly, “Xiaxia Wifey, will you go to the royal banquet with me?”

An Xiaxia opened her mouth, but couldn’t bring herself to call him “Jianjian Hubby.”

She blushed and shook her head repeatedly. “No, I won’t.”

“Hahahaha!” The rest of the class cracked up, while Kang Jian said sadly, “We won’t get any lines if you say that!”

Jabbing the tips of her index fingers together, An Xiaxia’s face turned scarlet when she reluctantly said, “Jianjian Hubby.”

Kang Jian grinned and blushed as well.

The following day, Kang Jian counted and recounted, then saved two yuan from his bus fare and one yuan from his tea-stewed egg. Together with his two-yuan pocket money, he came up with another five yuan, and bought another ice cream for An Xiaxia.

And he did that ever since.

It also gave rise to his habit of collecting ice cream sticks.

Once, after An Xiaxia finished the ice cream, he tasted the stick when she wasn’t looking.

It was sweet and really delicious.

He had only taken one ice cream from her, but was going to pay her back for the rest of his life. It might not end up being worthwhile, but why couldn’t he stop liking her?