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Chapter 994: The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (5)

Kang Jian was so frightened that his face drained of all color!

That was horrible!

“I – I understand…” he stammered.

An Yibei patted his shoulder in satisfaction, turned around, and left.

In the classroom.

Kang Jian didn’t dare try anything today and sat there quietly the whole time. Even the teachers found it so unusual that they kept darting looks in his direction.

During Chinese class, the teacher’s gaze happened to land on An Xiaxia. She then cleared her throat and called An Xiaxia’s name. “Please read the sixth paragraph aloud.”

An Xiaxia blushed right away.

Papa An and An Yibei had put her into Year 4 according to her age, but they had little idea that she had never been to school before and barely knew how to read.

“An Xiaxia, please read the text,” the teacher prompted.

An Xiaxia bit her lip. “I… I can’t read it…”

The teacher’s face darkened. “You can’t? It’s such a simple text.”

Seeing that the teacher was going to lose her temper, An Xiaxia picked up her textbook with trembling hands and closed her eyes in despair when she saw all the unfamiliar words on the page.

Just then, Kang Jian raised his hand. “Miss, let me read it! I want to read it!”

“Why, you’re awfully active today.” The Chinese teacher chuckled. “Alright, you do it, then.”

Kang Jian stood up, read the text without difficulty, and saved An Xiaxia from her predicament.

“You can both sit down now.” The teacher gave An Xiaxia a brooding look.

The Chinese teacher went back to the office after class, where she complained to the class teacher, “Miss Jin, that new girl in your class is so passive! She wouldn’t even read from the textbook when I told her to. Sigh. Such a spoiled child!”

The class teacher recalled the other day when she wouldn’t write her name and was equally displeased.

“I need to make a phone call to her parents!”

She dialed the number recorded as An Xiaxia’s contact information, and when the call went through, she heard a deep, pleasant voice on the other end. “Yes?”

Miss Jin was a little dazed before she said, “This is An Xiaxia’s class teacher. May I ask who am I speaking to, please?”

“This is her brother.”

Miss Jin was a little surprised, then said in an official tone, “Xiaxia isn’t doing very well in class. At her age, her pride will be easily hurt if the teachers criticize her directly. We would appreciate if her family can really work with us to talk to her…”

An Yibei was confused. “What’s wrong with her?”

Miss Jin then told him about the two incidents.

An Yibei realized what was going on right away. After exchanging some pleasantries, the phone call ended.

That night back at home, he took all the textbooks out of An Xiaxia’s school bag and lay them in front of her.

“Do you know this word?” An Yibei pointed at the cover of the Chinese textbook.

An Xiaxia lowered her head and wrung her hands uneasily.

“Speak,” An Yibei said sternly, which only made An Xiaxia lower her head further. “What about this one?”

He was now pointing at the maths textbook.

She shook her head.

An Yibei sighed. “I see. Starting from tomorrow, you don’t have to go to school.”

An Xiaxia was elated. “Really?”

“Don’t get excited so soon. You’re staying at home so that I can teach you everything until you can catch up with your studies!”

So, that was the plan… An Xiaxia lowered her head in disappointment.

It took An Yibei two months to teach An Xiaxia at home before she was sent back to school again.

Her grades weren’t any good, but she could at least follow the teachers in class.

During PE, Kang Jian dragged An Xiaxia away to buy her some ice cream.

“I don’t want it…”

“Gosh! Don’t be shy!” Kang Jian smacked a five-yuan note on the counter generously and said, “Get whatever you want!”

An Xiaxia found it hard to turn down such a warmhearted offer, so she gingerly picked one.

The shop owner glanced at it and said, “That’s five yuan.”

Kang Jian was uneasy now. How could it be so expensive?