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Chapter 988: The Big Fat Wedding (19)

… Let them off the hook? What hook?!

This was pure extortion!

The manager smiled awkwardly. “Mr. An, what do you think is an appropriate amount?”

Wu Hanxiao detested his manager’s ingratiating tone and said indignantly, “I don’t care who he is! I’m not paying him!”

The manager was cursing inwardly and had decided that he would stop managing this guy as soon as this was over.

An Yibei said without hesitation, “100,000 sounds fair.”

“100,000?” Wu Hanxiao’s pleasant voice turned shrill. “You might as well go rob a bank!”

An Yibei gave him a look. “You got a problem with that? Let’s call the police, then.”

“Please don’t…” The manager stopped him. “We’ll pay you. It’s just that the amount is…”

He looked at the shabby Cherry in embarrassment, then an idea struck him. “How about we buy you a new car?”

That was a clever plan. A new car like that wouldn’t cost them more than 50,000.

“A new car? Why would I want a new car?” An Yibei said in a grave and sincere tone, “Do you know why this car is so important?”

The manager shook his head dumbly.

“Because it’s about love!”


Pffft —

Ai Bao couldn’t help but chuckle.

She suddenly realized that this roguish An Yibei was so adorably different from his usual respectable self!

An Yibei said unhurriedly, “This car represents the bond between me and my friend. You can’t replace that with a new car!”

“No, of course not…” The manager stammered. “Mr. An, this is…”


An Yibei gave him a “yup, that’s exactly what I’m doing so bite me” look, which almost made the manager cry. “Fine, whatever you say. How do you want it? Bank transfer or cash?”

An Yibei rolled his eyes and took out his phone. “Use Alipay. Here, scan the QR code.”

The manager was speechless.

So was Wu Hanxiao.

Gritting his teeth, the manager paid An Yibei reluctantly.

Wu Hanxiao’s eyes darted around. He wasn’t the one paying, so it was none of his business.

The manager had detested him to begin with. Seeing his indifference, the manager was utterly disappointed. He was now eyeing Wu Hanxiao with an aggrieved look on his face.

“Ah —” Ai Bao suddenly shrieked and stumbled out of the car.

“What’s wrong?” An Yibei frowned.

Ai Bao threw herself into his arms, frightened. “Snake… there’s a snake…”

A dappled snake had crawled into the car, sticking out its two-pronged tongue.

An Yibei shielded Ai Bao behind him, then called security.

Wu Hanxiao figured it out immediately after he saw Ai Bao. He pointed at her furiously. “You teamed up with this guy to trick me!”

Scared and diffident, Ai Bao lowered her head and didn’t dare utter a word.

An Yibei smirked.

This guy was really shameless. He was the one who had tricked her first.

An Yibei was playing the game the same way Wu Hanxia had, which the latter found unacceptable. He had never reflected on his own despicable trick, robbing a young woman of years of her savings!

“Baobao, I never knew you were this kind of person!” Wu Hanxiao said indignantly. “I was so nice to you and bought you that expensive bracelet…”

Ai Bao was going to say that she could give it back to him when An Yibei cut her off.

“Are you talking about that piece of shit? I tossed it away already. If you want it back, I can pay you back in cash. How’s that?” An Yibei said sarcastically. Wu Hanxiao was surprised, then said shamelessly, “Sure. I’ll take it!”