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Chapter 985: The Big Fat Wedding (16)


That caught both Ai Bao and Xiaomi off-guard.

“Gosh, Ai Bao, you shouldn’t be telling me that during work hours! Jesus! Alright, I’m off to my work now.” Xiaomi couldn’t absolve herself quickly enough as she shifted the blame to Ai Bao.

Ai Bao had a guilty conscience to begin with, and once chastised, she could only lower her head awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Do you have nothing better to do?” An Yibei spoke again.

Ai Bao said uneasily, “I… don’t, actually, but…”

“I’m not asking you.”

Ai Bao stopped short in surprise. Looking up, she saw An Yibei glance at Xiaomi. “Don’t wander off from your post during work hours.”

Blushing, Xiaomi nodded and cast a stern glance at Ai Bao before she left.

An Yibei turned to Ai Bao, adjusted his glasses, and asked in his usual indifferent tone, “Have you gathered together the things I asked for?”

“Yes!” Ai Bao handed him the files she had organized, adding, “I’ve also sent an electronic version to your email.”

An Yibei raised an eyebrow. That was faster than he expected.

Apparently, despite her weak personality, Ai Bao was quite competent at her job.

“What do you usually do when you’re free?” An Yibei asked suddenly.

Ai Bao looked baffled. “Do I have to tell you?”


Ai Bao lowered her head and answered honestly, “Tetris… Bejeweled… Candy Crush…”

She regretted it almost right away!

What was she thinking, telling her boss what games she played?

She corrected herself right away. “Those are the games I’ll never play at work! Whenever I’m free, I find something else to do! Mr. An, I promise that I’ll devote my life and passion to this firm!”

An Yibei only found her hilarious. He asked casually, “How about Minesweeper?”

“Of course!” Ai Bao blurted out.


Ah… someone please kill her now…

An Yibei switched Ai Bao’s computer on, apparently greatly interested in her reply. “Let’s play.”

“Huh?” What was happening to this world? Had her boss just offered to play a game with her?

Clicking open the Minesweeper on her computer, Ai Bao was all jittery. An Yibei pulled a chair over, sat down, then started the game. “You can play anything you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work.”

The time needed to complete a task varied from one person to the next. As long as the job was done impeccably, he as the boss didn’t really care how his employees spent their free time.

Ai Bao nodded dumbly when An Yibei said, “It’s your turn.”

She gestured at herself in surprise. “Are you asking me to play with you?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?” An Yibei arched his eyebrows.

Still fidgety, Ai Bao took over the mouse and clicked on another square.

They were sharing one computer and one mouse. Whenever it was Ai Bao’s turn to use the mouse, she could even feel the remaining heat of his hand on it.

Somehow, her ears turned pink.

They completed the round in 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ai Bao had chosen the advanced level and that was pretty fast.

“Mr. An, you’re so good at this. Do you play often?”

An Yibei said succinctly, “Occasionally.”

He rose to his feet and checked the time. “Let’s go. It’s time for lunch.”

What was going on? Mr. An was acting so unusual today!

She bit her lip. “I’ve made plans with someone else.”

“I see.” An Yibei didn’t press her. “Seeing that you’re broke, I was going to take you to a nice restaurant. You won’t be needing that, then.”

He turned to leave, but Ai Bao caught up with him in a hurry. “I’m coming! I’m having lunch with you!”

“I thought you had plans already?”

“I remembered the time wrong! It’s not today!” Goodbye, my integrity! I’m ditching you for a nice lunch!

An Yibei adjusted his glasses as he smiled discreetly.