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Chapter 984: The Big Fat Wedding (15)

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“Can you do that?” Ai Bao was dumbfounded. “I can get all my money back?”

An Yibei adjusted his glasses. “Of course.”

“I’ll buy you dinner after I get my money back!” Ai Bao was elated. “Mr. An, you have such a towering figure! I can see a halo over your head!”

“Stop right there.” An Yibei darted her a glance. “If you really want to thank me, this meal is on you.”

Ai Bao didn’t know what to say.

The next day.

Ai Bao went to work as usual at the law firm.

Her official title was An Yibei’s assistant, which came with a lot of free time. When An Yibei didn’t have a case, she could do whatever she wanted at her desk — play games, listen to radio shows, you name it.

After finishing the work at hand, she began to daydream, resting her chin on her palm.

She was so sleepy and so hungry.

That meal with An Yibei had cost her a week’s worth of allowance. She had had to skip dinner and her empty stomach had kept her up the whole night.

She only had two steamed vegetarian stuffed buns this morning and couldn’t even bring herself to buy a cup of soya milk.

She missed small steamed meat buns, shrimp dumplings, bacon, warm milk… Ai Bao was practically drooling, when she heard two knocks on her desk.

That brought her back from her reverie. Looking up, she saw a pair of brooding eyes behind a pair of glasses.

Her heart skipped several beats and Ai Bao blushed. “Morning, Mr. An.”

“Morning,” replied An Yibei indifferently. “Gather all the files for my recent cases. I’m going back to Ye City.”

“What?” Ai Bao blinked. “You’re going back?”


His most important cases were all in Ye City. Although he had opened a branch in Yu City, he was still more at home in Ye City.

Ai Bao was struck by a sense of crisis at those words. She stammered, “Th- then what about me?”

Sob… Was she going to lose her job after losing her money?

Maybe she had imagined it, but An Yibei’s eyes seemed to flicker at that question. He then asked in a casual tone, “Do you want to stay here or come with me?”

Ai Bao had a thing for nice voices, and her favorite was the so-called “male idol timbre.”

It was a mixture of several qualities: aloof, suppressed, nonchalant, husky… She would be infatuated just by listening to such a voice alone.

And An Yibei just happened to have that sort of voice that she adored!

Ai Bao almost melted after hearing that question. However, it only took her a second to come back to herself. Lowering her gaze, she said, “I think I’ll stay.”

After all, her home was here in Yu City.

“Alright,” An Yibei said casually, then returned to his own office.

Ai Bao was in a despondent mood for a brief moment before she moved on to put the files together.

She was very efficient, and within two hours, everything was in order. She was going to bring the files to An Yibei when Xiaomi, the receptionist, went up to her and struck up a friendly conversation.

Good-natured and not knowing when to say no as always, Ai Bao listened in a daze as Xiaomi talked.

After running out of everything she had to say, Xiaomi saw that Ai Bao was still listening with a blank face. Cursing inwardly, Xiaomi forced a smile and asked, “Baobao, do you think you can ask Mr. An for me if he’s free this weekend?”

“Hm… Won’t it be inappropriate to ask personal questions like that?”

“Of course not! You’re his assistant, so just tell him that some job may turn up over the weekend and see what he says to that.”

“Alright…” Ai Bao nodded. But the door to An Yibei’s office was suddenly pulled open at that moment, and he said in a cold, aloof voice, “Don’t bother. I’m not available.”