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Chapter 982: The Big Fat Wedding (13)

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At the optician’s.

The manager had An Yibei’s eyes tested, then moved on to make new lenses for him.

Ai Bao stood gingerly by his side, too nervous to keep her hands still.

An Yibei darted a glance at her. “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“Huh?” Ai Bao looked confused. “What boyfriend?”

“The one that gave you that bracelet.”

Ai Bao didn’t even know where to begin to describe that relationship that was dripping with tears of regrets!

That guy was a scumbag through and through!

“It’s a long story…” Ai Bao sighed heavily, then looked at An Yibei expectantly, waiting for his “then make it short.” In that case, she could finish the story in a few words to avoid the possible awkwardness.

However, An Yibei eyed her, then asked a strange question. “Did you have enough to eat at the wedding?”

Why won’t he play by the book?! Ai Bao thought in frustration.

“I did.”

Her stomach grumbled immediately after that.

Ai Bao was embarrassed. “Well… I guess I’m a little hungry after all.”

She had only taken a few bites before that fat woman made that scene. Of all the delicious food there, Ai Bao had only tried a few dishes.

That was such a waste of the cash gift she had given!

The manager brought out the glasses at that moment with a smile. “Sir, please try them on.”

An Yibei put them on. Well, it would do for the moment.

Adjusting the glasses out of habit, he then strode out, announcing casually, “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Ai Bao followed him like a little attendant.

An Yibei said, “We’re having dinner.”

“…” Ai Bao was baffled. Was Mr. An… buying her dinner now?

An Yibei took Ai Bao to a restaurant he often visited, which specialized in home-style dishes.

It was a simple, tidy place. Because of its remote location, there weren’t many customers.

The steaming hot dishes were soon served, creating an atmosphere that very much resembled a home-cooked meal.

The dishes were excellent in color, aroma, and taste, which whetted Ai Bao’s appetite. She picked up her chopsticks and began to wolf down the food right away.

An Yibei watched her for a moment, then summoned the waiter and ordered two more dishes.

“Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you, Mr. An!” Ai Bao ate even faster. The food was scrumptious!

An Yibei poured her a glass of water and asked in a somewhat sympathetic tone, “Have I been treating you too harshly?”

“What?” Ai Bao was dumbfounded. “No, Mr. An. You’re great!”

Thousand Island was known for its excellent wages and benefits, and they didn’t even have to work overtime a lot. Many people deeply envied the employees there!

An Yibei let out a sigh of relief. “Good.”

He almost thought that he was paying them too little and the employees couldn’t even feed themselves now.

When she was done eating, Ai Bao finally remembered why they were here. She drank some water, then moved on to her story with a melodious voice and deep feelings. “Mr. An, you know what? All men are shit! They’re all scumbags! They are!”

An Yibei said, “Well… go on.”

Ai Bao went on in vexation. “Do you know what a CV is?”

“As in voice acting?” An Yibei asked.

Ai Bao said with admiration, “You know it? Mr. An, are you into it as well?”

An Yibei shook his head. “No. My sister used to listen to radio shows, that’s all. My knowledge of this area is very limited.”

“Well, let me tell you all about that scumbag!”

An Yibei thought that he must have lost his mind, for he was actually relaxed enough to gossip.

However, it felt pretty nice…

Sipping his tea, he listened attentively as Ai Bao vented her grievances.

Ai Bao’s ex-boyfriend was a nobody in the online voice acting circle, while Ai Bao was a famous planner in that circle.

It all started when the nobody sang 100 love songs for the famous planner.