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Chapter 981: The Big Fat Wedding (12)

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Ai Bao didn’t know what to say.

An Yibei was speechless.

Papa An looked happily at the two of them and liked the idea of them as a couple even more.

Such a pretty girl! She had fair skin and clean features. She would have beautiful babies, too.

An Yibei strode toward them with a squint.

His eyesight wasn’t too poor, and not wearing glasses didn’t make that much of a difference.

Walking up to Ai Bao, An Yibei said casually, “Sorry about that. My dad had a little too much to drink.”

Ai Bao saw the light suddenly. “I see! Uncle, are you feeling alright? Shall I help you sit down over there?”

Papa An sighed, sounding defeated. “Well… I’m alright.”

He then walked away, looking utterly disappointed, which made An Yibei rather upset as well. He rubbed his forehead and kept his silence.

Ai Bao stole glances at An Yibei. Without the glasses, she saw that he had very nice eyes and eyebrows. He was squinting a little, probably not yet used to not wearing glasses. The outer corners of his eyes were slanted upwards slightly, which looked rather pretty.

“Ai Bao.” An Yibei was now squinting at her, which made her heart skip a beat. She bit her lip involuntarily at his gaze. “Yes!”

Seeing how flustered she was, An Yibei adjusted his facial expression and said in a tone as mild as he could manage, “May I have my glasses back, please?”

“Ah… oh, sure! I’m sorry, Mr. An…” Ai Bao stuffed the glasses back into his hand in a fluster, but An Yibei missed grabbing them, and the glasses fell on the ground with a crisp sound.

The lenses cracked.

Ai Bao’s mouth fell open as she turned her terrified gaze to him.

Gosh… Mr. An was known for his sharp tongue and ruthless words. And she had just smashed his glasses!

Someone please kill her now!

Seeing that Ai Bao was almost in tears, An Yibei said in resignation, “I didn’t catch them in time. It wasn’t your fault. You don’t have to look so… despairing.”

Ai Bao blushed and picked up the glasses right away. “What are you gonna do now…”

An Yibei put the glasses with their cracked lenses back on and replied calmly, “Get some new lenses.”

“I see… Mr. An, are your glasses expensive?” Ai Bao asked with red-rimmed eyes.

A famous lawyer like him must only use luxury brands…

She had read in the news that the frames could cost as much as five or six figures…

“I had these made at the optician’s next to my home for 500 yuan,” said An Yibei with an impassive face.

They had actually cost him a lot more than that, but it didn’t feel right to have the young woman pay for it.

Although he acted in a brazen way most of the time, with this girl, he somehow wanted to have better manners.

“500 yuan? As in RMB?” Ai Bao was noticeably elated.

An Yibei nodded indifferently.

“Good. Great.” Ai Bao patted her chest, feeling relieved.

“We’re both responsible for this, so we’ll split the cost 50-50. Here’s 250!” Ai Bao took two 100-yuan notes and one 50-yuan note out of her bag, then stuffed them into An Yibei’s hand.

An Yibei was speechless. He didn’t really want to take them.

Fearing that he might go back on his word, Ai Bao bowed at him and said, “Mr. An, goodbye!”

She then scurried off. However, she only made it a few steps before someone stopped her by grabbing the back of her collar.

“What?” Turning around, she saw An Yibei’s deadpan face right behind her, which scared her out of her wits.

“Mr. An, don’t tell me you’re going back on what you said!”

“No.” An Yibei was succinct. “Let’s go to the optician’s together.”