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Chapter 980: The Big Fat Wedding (11)

“Since you don’t have any proof that the bracelet is yours, what you’re saying is defamation!” An Yibei declared, which made the fat woman’s knees buckle.

She said stubbornly, “But she doesn’t have any proof that the bracelet is hers, either!”

The young woman’s heart sank…

She really didn’t… or she wouldn’t have fallen into such an awkward situation.

“Says who?” said An Yibei calmly. “I’ve seen her wearing it before. It was bought on the 7th of last month from the mall QMD. Isn’t that right, Ai Bao?”

The fat woman flushed and said in an exasperated tone, “How can you know that? Are you in on this scam with her?”

“Heh.” An Yibei smirked. “We’ll find out once we’ve called the mall, won’t we?”

He made to reach for his phone, which flustered the fat woman. “Fine! Fine! I guess it’s my unlucky day! Keep the bracelet! I’m giving it to you…”

She hastily moved toward the exit, but was stopped by the security guards.

“What are you doing? Let go of me! Let go of me!”

By now, all the other guests realized that this was nothing but a farce.

“Thank you, Mr. An.” Still in tears, the young woman thanked An Yibei earnestly.

An Yibei gave her a little nod, then went back to his own seat.

Papa An moved closer, ready to gossip. “Girlfriend?”

“Where did you even get that idea?” An Yibei was speechless.

“It’s a legitimate question! You even called her by the nickname ‘apple’!” Papa An was thrilled. “Well, I was wrong about you. I always thought that you were gay…”

An Yibei: … And where did you get that idea?

“Her name is Ai Bao, not apple. And she’s an assistant at my firm,” An Yibei explained in an indifferent tone. “With what happened just then, not calling her by her full name would have only left the others with the wrong impression, wouldn’t it?”

Papa An gave him an “I understand, say no more” look. “Whatever you say! I get it! Why would you stand up for her if you don’t like her?”

“… You taught me to be kind, since I was little.”

“I’ve also told you to get a wife, in case you’ve forgotten that!” Papa An was vexed whenever this subject came up. “All those blind dates and you haven’t found anyone you like? Have you set your standards too high, or do you have someone in mind already?”

An Yibei nearly dropped the glass in his hand.

His heart was a bleak field now. Who could he have in mind?

“Fine, stop pushing. I’ll get on with it. You’d love it if I got married tomorrow and had a baby the day after, so that you can play with your grandson, wouldn’t you?”

Papa An’s face lit up at those words. “Are you saying that your girl is expecting already?”

An Yibei was speechless. Dad, are you sure you don’t need to get your head checked?

“Don’t worry. I won’t mind that at all! If you two are too busy to take care of the baby, I can help with that!” Papa An looked at him eagerly, which made An Yibei feel a little guilty.

He was too busy with his work to spend time with Papa An, and he could understand why Papa An wanted a grandchild.

He was probably… just lonely.

“I don’t even have a girlfriend. How am I supposed to have a kid…” An Yibei said in resignation.

Papa An sighed. “I think that apple girl is pretty nice.”

“She is.” But how did that have anything to do with him?

Papa An rubbed his chin. That was actually the first time he had ever heard An Yibei compliment someone.

His eyes darting around, Papa An said mildly, “Yibei, you’ve got some dirt on your forehead. Let me wipe it clean for you.”

With a deft movement, Papa An removed An Yibei’s glasses and stuffed them in Ai Bao’s hand while she was on her way out.

“Why, Yibei, you dropped your glasses here. Come get them!”