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Chapter 978: The Big Fat Wedding (9)

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Sheng Yize was speechless.

“Hahaha!” Qi Yanxi guffawed at Sheng Yize’s predicament. He then took down a balloon and handed it to Si Bai. “There. Well done, kid! Now, go make your wife happy with the balloon! Marry his daughter as soon as you can…”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Si Bai thanked him, then scurried off to Pepsi.

Sheng Yize said in resignation, “It’s so hard to be the father of a daughter…”

Qi Yanxi said cheekily, “You can always give your daughter to me, you know? I can raise her for you.”

“Heh.” Sheng Yize glanced at Qi Yanxi out of the corner of his eye. “In your dreams!”

“Tch, suit yourself.”

The two men bickered a little like they always did until Sheng Yize cut the squabble short with one sentence. “I’m going back to my beloved wife and kids now. See ya, Flower~”

He waved goodbye at Qi Yanxi, which annoyed the latter greatly. Qi Yanxi then gave him the finger. “Screw you!”

A figure standing in a far corner looked quite out of place in the boisterous crowd.

He had watched the entire process: the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings, the kiss…

He tried his best to smile, but couldn’t, no matter what.

His heavy military boots made a rhythmic sound on the floor.

At the entrance, one of the men behind the welcome desk, who was in charge of collecting the cash gifts, greeted him. “Are you here for the wedding?”

He only nodded after a long pause.

“I see. Are you a friend of the bride or the bridegroom? What’s the amount of your cash gift and what name should I put on it?”

After some hesitation, he took out a red packet and pushed it toward the man.

“Leave no name. Give this to the bride and she’ll know.”

He left after that without another word.

“Such a freak… What’s in it, anyway? It feels kinda hard,” mumbled one of the men. The other one prompted him, “Open up and have a look.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Of course!”

“Fine… Don’t tell anyone, then!”

The two of them then opened the red packet, only to find a few popsicle sticks inside.

The wooden stick had yellowed with age and some cartoon characters drawn on them in black pen had gone splotchy beyond recognition.

“Tch, I thought it was something at least a little valuable.”

“Forget it. Just toss it.”

Thud —

The packet of sticks was dumped in the bin.

They went without ever getting noticed, just like the love of their owner.

Si Bai bumped into a man’s legs as he ran off with the balloon.

“Watch out!” The man steadied the boy in time. Looking up, Si Bai saw that it was a handsome and vigorous-looking man. He thanked him politely. “Thank you, Uncle!”

“You’re running too fast.” The man rubbed his head.

Si Bai noticed his military boots at that moment and cried out in surprise, “Uncle, are you a soldier?”

The man hesitated a little, then nodded very slowly.

“Are all soldiers very handsome and awesome?” Si Bai asked in admiration and sounded very eager.

The man smiled wryly. “Yes.”

“Uncle, have you fired a gun or driven a tank? Ah, and, and do special forces really exist?” Si Bai’s questions just kept coming.

The man chuckled, then picked him up and spun him around in circles, which made Si Bai giggle.

He put Si Bai back down a moment later and said quietly, “Goodbye.”

“Thank you, Uncle! Goodbye!” Si Bai had so much fun that he forgot all about his questions. When he wanted to ask again, the man was nowhere to be found.

Sheng Yize found An Xiaxia and was going to take her and the kids home when there was a commotion in the hall.

A heated quarrel had started in an inconspicuous corner.