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Chapter 974: The Big Fat Wedding (5)

Su Xiaomo’s and Fang Shanshan’s ears pricked up at that question.

An Xiaxia blushed uneasily.

However, Sheng Yize was perfectly at ease.

“I think you know the answer better than I do, don’t you?”

Qi Yanxi was dumbfounded. He then recalled something…

Back when they were best friends as teenagers, he had invited Sheng Yize to watch adult films together with him…

And what happened afterward that night… was something Qi Yanxi wanted to forget…

Sheng Yize went back to his room right afterward, while Qi Yanxi enjoyed himself…

He was so exhausted that Sheng Yize had to put his pants back on for him in the end…

Qi Yanxi made the decision right away. “We’ll skip that! Next question!

“Bride’s favorite food?”

“Fried chicken.”


Qi Yanxi then quickly asked a few more questions.

“Bride’s favorite celebrity?”

“… It used to be Rong Che. I think it became Tang Yu later.”

“When and where did you kiss the bride for the first time?”

Sheng Yize frowned, apparently trying to remember.

Inside, Fang Shanshan couldn’t wait to hear the answer. Shaking An Xiaxia by her arm, she asked, “Xiaxia, when did that happen?”

“I think it was when I went to his agency for the first time.” It took An Xiaxia a moment to remember.

That wasn’t even close to the answer Sheng Yize gave outside.

“Mid-Autumn Festival when I was seven. I kissed her when she was asleep.”

Pffft —

An Xiaxia almost choked.

He had had his eye on her as early as that!

Outside, everyone smacked their lips in amazement. “Talk about a daring and resolute personality! Mr. Sheng sure knows that ‘he who strikes first gains the advantage’!”

“You guys flatter me.” Sheng Yize nodded humbly.

Qi Yanxi only found him annoying. With a grim face, he went on. “Here comes the ultimate question!”

“When did you two first…” He could sense Sheng Yize’s murderous look as soon as he opened his mouth.

That was right! Sheng Yize was staring at him!

The others watched with unblinking eyes. Their first time! Wow! That was blatant!

However, Qi Yanxi gave in and asked instead, “When did you two first go on a date?”

“Tch!” The question was received with catcalls, while Sheng Yize smiled. “Every day is like a date when she’s around.”

The female guests turned green with envy at such a reply.

All ten questions were answered and Qi Yanxi reluctantly moved aside.

Sheng Yize was certain that victory was now in his grasp, and was ready to open the door, but it was still locked.

He was baffled. What the hell?

“Hahaha! You’re not going to marry Xiaxia that easily!” Su Xiaomo rubbed her nose and sent He Jiayu a message. “Ready?”

He Jiayu gestured “ok” with his hand.

In his white suit, He Jiayu walked casually toward Sheng Yize with a harmless smile on his face.

In his hands was a bright red workbook.

The title was printed clearly on the cover.

“Exam papers of college entrance examinations for the past five years and mocks for the past three years.”

The crowd looked at He Jiayu in confusion. What was this all about?

He Jiayu smiled. “This is a comprehensive workbook. According to the bridesmaids, you have to solve a math problem, a physics problem, and a chemistry problem in twenty minutes.”

“…” A hush fell over the crowd.

Sheng Yize was also speechless and rubbed his forehead.

Fang Shanshan hadn’t received any education domestically and asked in confusion, “Why are you asking him to solve those problems?”

“Hahaha! I see you’ve never had a taste of the college entrance exam before!” Su Xiaomo guffawed. “I’m telling you, those problems were nothing to Sheng Yize when he was a high school student, but it’s been so long since he left school – I bet he can’t solve them now!”