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Chapter 973: The Big Fat Wedding (4)

Mr. Sheng looked away awkwardly. “Why would I be nervous? We’ve already registered and have two babies together. What’s there to be nervous about?”

“Then I’m not nervous either~”


A couple of minutes later, Sheng Yize asked again, “Are you nervous?”

“I told you I’m not…” An Xiaxia found him hilarious. “Just admit it! You’re the one that’s really nervous!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Fine. He admitted that he was indeed nervous.

How could he not be? It was his first time being a bridegroom!

Pinching An Xiaxia’s cheeks hard, Sheng Yize was a little frustrated. How could this little woman be so carefree?

The next day.

An Xiaxia had to get out of her warm bed as early as five o’clock. She then washed up, changed into her wedding dress, and had her hair and makeup done… The entire process took her two whole hours.

They were going to carry out all the steps leading up to the wedding, and since the An family had sold the cafe in Yu City, they decided to pick up the bride from the Qi family.

An Xiaxia was dozing off when Su Xiaomo pinched the back of her hand. “Wake up! You’ll ruin your false eyelashes!”

“Ah… Why do people have to get up so early for a wedding…” An Xiaxia said in an agonized voice. Su Xiaomo then woke her up with a growl. “Wake up! Sheng Yize is here!”

What? Already?

That cheered An Xiaxia up. Holding her big dress off the ground, she was going to rush out.

Su Xiaomo and Fang Shanshan stopped her in time. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Getting married, of course!” An Xiaxia was elated.

The sooner they began, the sooner they could get it over with.

“What are you even thinking? You have a lot to do before that!” Su Xiaomo told her from experience. “The bridegroom has trials to go through before he can even step into this room.”

Fang Shanshan switched on the TV with a grin. “I came prepared. There are surveillance cameras outside, and we can see how they’re testing Uncle Sheng out there~”

An Xiaxia wrinkled her nose. According to the wedding custom in Yu City, the bride’s family would tease the bridegroom when he arrived to pick up the bride.

It wasn’t anything serious, and mainly consisted of activities such as asking for red packets, a.k.a. gift money, or testing the bridegroom. All in all, it was a boisterous and joyful event.

Outside, Sheng Yize was in a black suit with Chi Yuanfeng by his side. A bunch of people had blocked the stairway, yelling, “Red packets! Shower us with red packets! The more you give, the more sincere you are!”

Sheng Yize exchanged a calm look with Chi Yuanfeng, and both began to throw out red packets at the same time!

The crowd scrambled for the packets, and only afterward did they realize that the bridegroom had casually walked past them and reached the door.

“Wow, Uncle Sheng is so smart!”

“And he’s so deft!”

An Xiaxia giggled, holding her face in her hands, and Su Xiaomo and Fang Shanshan commented, “You’re hopeless!”

Sheng Yize was stopped short by another figure at the door.

Wearing a sweater, Qi Yanxi looked just like the boy next door. He grinned. “You have to go through me to get to the bride!”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“I have ten questions for you and you have to answer them with utmost honesty! Unless we’re convinced by your sincerity, the door will never open~”


Qi Yanxi cleared his throat. “When did you fall in love with the bride?”

“Wow —” The crowd hooted. That was a powerful question to start with!

“At seven years old, when I first met her.”

“Damn it! Xiaxia must have been what, six? You’re sick!” The corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched and Sheng Yize reminded him, “Next question.”

“When was your first wet dream and whom did you dream about?” Qi Yanxi smiled cockily and the hooting only grew louder.