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Chapter 972: The Big Fat Wedding (3)

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Holding the card, An Xiaxia felt like crying.

She wasn’t biologically related to the An family at all, but Papa An and An Yibei cared about her wholeheartedly.

She had registered with Sheng Yize in such haste that she didn’t even tell Papa An at the time.

But all they ever gave her was love.

She checked the balance on the card.

It ran to six figures.

The An family was by no means rich, and that much money was an amount that Papa An couldn’t have come up with easily. It couldn’t be Papa An’s own money. An Yibei must have contributed to it.

Only that An Yibei wouldn’t tell her.

She was the Song family heiress and the wife of the president of Shengshi. Money was the thing she would need to worry about the least for the rest of her life.

However, Papa An and An Yibei still tried their best to provide for her.

An Xiaxia went back downstairs with red eyes. Sheng Yize asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Teehee, I got my dowry from my brother and I was so happy that I cried,” said An Xiaxia cheerfully.

Sheng Yize snorted. “You’re hopeless.”

An Xiaxia went happily into the yard, where Qi Yanxi was out of breath from being chased all over the place. He seemed to see his savior when he spotted her. “Here, be their mother hen. I’m exhausted… Why don’t these kids ever get tired?”

The kids chattered, “Play! Let’s play!”

Hence, An Xiaxia was enlisted and had to play with the little ones.

Sheng Yize stood on the stairs with a hand in his pocket. His gaze followed An Xiaxia everywhere.

Qi Yanxi went up to him and said eagerly, “Tomorrow when you come to pick up the bride, how about picking Xiaxia up from my place?”

Sheng Yize darted him a glance. “Are you the bride’s family or the bridegroom’s?”

“Seriously? Of course I’m with the bridegroom!” Qi Yanxi said without hesitation. Sheng Yize stepped back immediately. “You’re my family? Says who? Go away!”

Qi Yanxi: … I didn’t see that trap coming! You cunning man!

He rolled his eyes. “Fine! I’m with the bride. Happy?”

Sheng Yize patted his head genially. “Little Flower, I think you’ve improved greatly at being politically aware.”

“Stop touching my head! I’ll stop growing!”

“… How old are you now?”

“We’re all in our twenties. Why do you need to ask?”

Sheng Yize said sincerely, “You’re a year older than me. So, when I’m 29, you’ll be 30.”

Qi Yanxi: … And there was the even bigger trap!

The courtyard was bustling.

At midnight.

The fireworks shot up as planned, lighting up the sky.

The stars twinkled and the fireworks were splendid. Everything was as beautiful as a painting.

“Happy New Year!”

He Jiayu held Su Xiaomo’s hand, his smile genial. “Happy New Year, Momo.”

“Say you love me!”

Ahem… I love you.”

He Jiayu blushed after that.

Fang Shanshan tugged at Chi Yuanfeng’s sleeve. “Don’t be mad at me.”

“Happy New Year.” Chi Yuanfeng gave her a hug. “If our wedding embarrasses you, then… call it off.”

He grinned, flashing his white teeth.

Fang Shanshan stomped her foot. “You’re an idiot, Chi Yuanfeng! The biggest idiot!”

Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia’s hand and looked into her eyes. “Tomorrow is our wedding. Nervous?”

An Xiaxia said, “You’ve asked me that question at least a dozen times.”

What made a haughty idol so talkative?

You’re the nervous one, aren’t you?