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Chapter 970: The Big Fat Wedding (1)

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Every word was written neatly, but the strokes were so vigorous that the paper was almost torn. She could tell how tormented he must have been when he wrote it.

“He Jiayu… you’re hilarious. A will… hahaha…” Su Xiaomo forced a laugh, then tears welled up in her eyes again.

She sniffled and said in an intimidating voice, “You’re as alive as you can be now. So, keep your promise and love me!”

He Jiayu smiled like a spring breeze. “Of course.”

“And one more thing.” Su Xiaomo looked up at him. “If you’re dead, there’s no one nicer.”

She had poured all her love into this relationship and there was nothing left for a new one.

He Jiayu swallowed. “It’s the same with me.”

“Alright, enough on that topic. How much gift money do you think we should give for Xiaxia’s wedding?” Su Xiaomo changed the subject.

He Jiayu said, “You decide.”

“In everything?”

“In everything.”

“Give me the pin numbers of all your bank cards!” Su Xiaomo grinned.

He Jiayu gestured with open palms and said in resignation, “You have all my cards, honey. I haven’t even received my monthly allowance from you yet.”

Su Xiaomo chuckled awkwardly. “You’re making yourself sound like a henpecked husband.”

“What’s wrong with that?” He Jiayu smiled. “I can wish for nothing better.”

Su Xiaomo met his gentle gaze and her heart skipped a beat.

It was the last day of that year.

That night.

Everyone gathered at the old Sheng family home for dinner. Afterward, they went out into the yard to wait for the fireworks. It was as boisterous as the Spring Festival.

He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo played the lovebirds, acting as if they were the only ones there and Qi Yanxi played games with all the kids. Chi Yuanfeng and Fang Shanshan seemed to be having a fight, for they hardly spoke to each other.

Members of the Gu and Si families were also there. Meatball, the princess of the Gu family, spotted Si Bai right away. Drooling, she went up to him and couldn’t stop giggling.

Si Bai frowned and asked in his baby voice, “Can I help you?”

Meatball shook her head cutely.

“Then why are you staring at me?” Si Bai was baffled.

“You… you’re so good-looking, teehee…” Meatball licked her lollipop and praised him wholeheartedly.

Si Bai blushed, then said in a serious tone, “I have a wife. I can’t like you.”

Meatball envied him. “Wow, you have a wife already? You’re awesome! I haven’t had a boyfriend yet!”

The veteran single man An Yibei, who was also here tonight, overheard the conversation and stumbled on his feet.

… Did they start as young as that now?

Si Bai stuck out his chest proudly. “That’s right. My wife is called Pepsi!”

Meatball’s eyes sparkled and went to her brother Fang Mo to butter him up. “Bother, Si Bai already has a wife, but why don’t I even have a boyfriend?”

Fang Mo’s face twitched. Picking up the chubby little thing, he scolded, “You can’t even do single-digit addition and subtraction, but you want a boyfriend already?”

“Do I have to learn that to get a boyfriend?” Meatball wrinkled her nose.

“Of course. And the multiplication table, too!”

Gosh… the thought of that… Meatball wrapped her arms around his neck and almost sobbed. “Brother… I don’t want a boyfriend anymore.”

Good. Smart kid. Fang Mo smiled.

“Can I get married right away like Si Bai? I can give him little meatballs, a lot of them!” said Meatball in an innocent voice.