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Chapter 968: Forget Me and Find Someone Nicer (7)

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Fang Shanshan laughed until tears came to her eyes. “Fengfeng… you’re so gullible!”

Chi Yuanfeng said shyly, “I think what Uncle said totally makes sense…”

Fang Shanshan would only be happier from now on!

“If you will excuse us, please. I need to speak to Shanshan in private.” Fang Liyuan turned to Chi Yuanfeng, who nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him as he walked out.

Fang Liyuan turned stern as soon as Chi Yuanfeng was gone. “My opinion hasn’t changed. I don’t like this man.”

He was too simple and ignorant. He didn’t belong to Fang Shanshan’s world.

They argued for a long while until Fang Shanshan snapped and bellowed, “Hey! I told you already! He’s the man I chose, so Uncle, please just leave me alone. This is my own life!” Fang Shanshan’s cheeks puffed out like an angry puppy.

Fang Liyuan snorted. “Fine. I’ll leave you alone. But, someone will show up to compete with him fair and square.”

Fang Shanshan’s heart sank. “What do you mean?”

“Just what I told you. I’m looking forward to seeing how long your love for each other can last.” Fang Liyuan shrugged and turned to leave.

He was a little surprised when he opened the door.

Chi Yuanfeng stood outside with a large bag of snacks, looking stunned.

Fang Liyuan wondered how much of their conversation the young man had heard.

However, Chi Yuanfeng only smiled at him. “Are you leaving, Uncle? Let me walk you out.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Fang Liyuan said indifferently, then left.

“Fengfeng!” Fang Shanshan hurried to his side and Chi Yuanfeng smiled at her, looking a little hurt. “Do you think I’m… quite useless?”

Fang Shanshan was at a loss over what to say.

Chi Yuanfeng took her silence for acquiescence. He closed his eyes, stuffed the bag of snacks into her hands, and went into the bedroom, feeling down and lost.

Fang Shanshan looked down at the bag and saw that he had filled it with all her favorite snacks in that short period of time…

She was overwhelmed with guilt.

Who could the person that Fang Liyuan was talking about be?

A week later.

The power was off in the middle of the night and Su Xiaomo had kicked her blanket away. She shivered in the chilly air.

Nightmares came one after another and her forehead was covered in a thin layer of cold sweat.

She could dimly feel someone pull the blanket back up for her, then climb in, pull her near, and pat her gently on her back.

Slowly, she woke up, but didn’t dare open her eyes.

She was so afraid that it was nothing but a dream, and that everything would evaporate as soon as she opened her eyes.

“Momo.” She nearly burst into tears at that gentle, pleasant voice.

“Still asleep?” he whispered, then chuckled. “Sleep, then.”

Su Xiaomo immediately asked, “Is that you?”

“Who else can it be?” He Jiayu chuckled. “Why don’t you open your eyes?”

Su Xiaomo said stubbornly, “I don’t want to!”

In fact, she was too afraid to.

He Jiayu was as gentle as ever. “Alright. You’d find me ugly if you do.”

He had tidied himself a bit before coming back, but still looked somewhat haggard.

The room fell silent after he stopped talking.

Su Xiaomo thought he had left and opened her eyes right away.

Under the dim bedside lamp on the wall, she saw his face right in front of her.

“He Jiayu…” Her voice was choked with sobs. “It’s really you…”


“I’m not dreaming, am I?”


“You… you…” Su Xiaomo was too excited to say anything else when He Jiayu’s cool lips met hers.

There was no need for another word.