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Chapter 963: Forget Me and Find Someone Nicer (2)

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“Shit! You bit me!” Bai Ye kicked him away with a grim face and Chi Yuanfeng grimaced in pain, but wouldn’t stop yelling. “You son of a bitch!”

Bai Ye chuckled and moved quickly to Chi Yuanfeng’s side again, pressing a dagger to the latter’s neck.

“This SOB can turn you into a lifeless body in a minute. Would you like to try it?” Bai Ye smiled brightly.

Sheng Yize crossed his arms. “Are you done?”

Bai Ye reined himself in somewhat at Sheng Yize’s words, and began to peel an apple with the dagger. “I have a proposal, I’m wondering if Mr. Sheng would be interested.”

He then whispered a word.

The look on Chi Yuanfeng’s face changed right away. “Brother, that’s illegal! You can’t agree to that!”

Sheng Yize’s face remained impassive. “Compared with that, I think Mr. Bai would be more interested in a different deal?”

“And what would that be?” Bai Ye chuckled, his gaze lingering on Sheng Yize’s body like a slithering snake.

Sheng Yize frowned and ignored his stare. He only said in an indifferent tone, “I’ve sent you the contract. Take a look.”

Someone brought in a file and Bai Ye began to read it.

He skimmed through it at first, but slowed down to focus on each word as he read on. His eyes were so bright that it gave Chi Yuanfeng the creeps.

Smack —

Bai Ye clapped in excitement. “Mr. Sheng, will you honor this contract?”

“Of course.”

Chi Yuanfeng then realized that instead of eyeing him like a lamb in the slaughterhouse, Bai Ye was now staring at him as if he was a milch cow.

Chi Yuanfeng shuddered. “What do you want? Stay away from me…”

“Little Fengfeng, from now on, you’re my boy.” Bai Ye smiled brightly. “Come. Sign here and make me a lot of money!”

“Hey! What the hell?! I’m not signing anything!”

Chi Yuanfeng struggled with all his might, but Bai Ye’s knife was faster. He cut Chi Yuanfeng’s fingertip and pressed his fingerprint onto the document.

After that, Bai Ye said in excitement, “Take Mr. Sheng and little Fengfeng back! Right, Mr. Sheng, dinner at Yuan Hotel tonight! My treat!”

“That won’t be necessary.” Sheng Yize turned him down coldly, then walked Chi Yuanfeng out.

In the car.

Chi Yuanfeng asked hastily, “Brother, what did you promise him?”

“I gave him half of the shares of an entertainment company I acquired earlier, and… I signed you to that company.” Sheng Yize smiled.

“But I already have a contract!”

“It expired yesterday.”

Chi Yuanfeng was speechless. Had he just been sold off?

“Am I going to be harrassed all the time from now on… Aaah!” God help him!

“You won’t. The other half of the company is in your name.”

Chi Yuanfeng was baffled.

He had thought about starting his own business over the years, but an entertainment company required a lot more than just capital.

But now… Sheng Yize had given him half of the shares of a company for free?

“That’s too much… I – I can’t accept it…”

“Then you have no other choice but to be harrassed.”

“No —!” Chi Yuanfeng wailed.

“Work hard, then. Buy Bai Ye out and be your own boss.”

“Thank you, Brother.” Chi Yuanfeng expressed his gratitude right away.

When Sheng Yize got back home, An Xiaxia wasn’t there.

He dialed her number to discover An Xiaxia eating on the other end. She mumbled, “I’m having dinner with Momo in Yuan~”


Sheng Yize’s eyelids twitched. He grabbed the car key and rushed out!