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Chapter 961: I’m Proud of You (7)

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The helicopter hovered above the city as everyone talked excitedly over the walkie-talkies.

“We were so cool! It was like a 007 movie!”

“Ouch! I fell! Shanshan, I need your kiss to get up!”

“Go away! Get up yourself! The guards are catching up to us! Run!”


Su Xiaomo said nothing. She only curled up and cried.

Chi Yuanfeng ran with a limp while Fang Shanshan vented her sarcasm beside him. “How can you be so clumsy? Falling into a drain, seriously?”

Chi Yuanfeng said in a pitiful tone, “It wasn’t like I planned it… Wait, why are there people up ahead as well?!”

A team of men in black suits blocked their way.

Fang Shanshan smacked him on the back of his head. “They’re with us! Can’t you see they’re my bodyguards…”

… Wait, why couldn’t she recognize any of the faces?

Weren’t they sent by Fang Liyuan?

The leader of the men bowed at Fang Shanshan. “Miss Fang, sorry about this!”

“Which organization do you belong to? Who sent you? Do you know the consequences of kidnapping me?” Fang Shanshan didn’t sound as confident as she wanted to be. She then whispered to Chi Yuanfeng, “Pretend to faint and try to get away in a moment! Get me some help!”

Chi Yuanfeng clenched his fists. “I’m not leaving you!”

“Damn it! You have to if you want to save me!”

“I won’t!”

The men in black watched as the couple played out their lovers’ squabble, and the leader waved his hand in resignation. “Take that man!”

Fang Shanshan: …

Chi Yuanfeng didn’t know what to say…

“Shanshan, you have to get me out…” Chi Yuanfeng looked at her with teary eyes. Fang Shanshan was exasperated. “Hey, if you’re going to kidnap one of us, aren’t I the more valuable one?”

The men in black: … Miss Fang, your priority is a little skewed.

Chi Yuanfeng was soon dragged into a black limousine, leaving Fang Shanshan behind to stomp her foot. She called Fang Liyuan immediately for help.

The old Sheng family home.

An Xiaxia helped Su Xiaomo pack a few necessities, then brought her to the old Sheng family home with Cuddlie.

At least with more people around, Su Xiaomo wouldn’t have so much time to become lost in various what-ifs.

Su Xiaomo held Cuddlie in her arms, her eyes brimming with tears. Other than sighing with her, An Xiaxia could only offer empty and meaningless comforting words. “It’s going to be alright…”

“Yes…” Su Xiaomo forced a smile. “I’m going to bed now.”

Grandma Sheng had the servant bring her some sleeping pills, which Su Xiaomo didn’t decline. She soon fell asleep after taking them.

An Xiaxia yawned. Opening the door to their bedroom, she saw that Sheng Yize was still on the phone.

“The Lan and Bai families are the most likely suspects. Start with them first! From what Shanshan told us, I don’t think they mean any harm. Chi Yuanfeng should be safe for now.”


She went up to Sheng Yize with sleepy eyes. “Has something happened to Fengfeng?”

“He’s been kidnapped.”

“What?” An Xiaxia was wide awake right away. “Is he in a lot of danger?”

A deep, charismatic voice came from the other end of the phone. “Yize, please put your wife on the line.”

Sheng Yize arched his eyebrows. Instead of handing An Xiaxia the phone, he put it on speaker.

“It’s Shanshan’s father. Just call him Brother.”

Fang Liyuan said unhurriedly, “Xiaxia, I was told that you’re Shanshan’s good friend. Is that true?”

“Well… yes.”

“In that case, shouldn’t you offer all your help when your friend is in trouble?”


“Good. I’ve just received a piece of information. They said that they can release Chi Yuanfeng without a ransom, but… they’ll take Sheng Yize instead. Can you accept that?”