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Chapter 960: I’m Proud of You (6)

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She had a walkie-talkie in her hand and he could hear several other people’s voices on the other end.

“Rooftop, clear.” That was Chi Yuanfeng.

“Garden, clear.” That was Sheng Yize.

“Parking lot, clear,” yelled An Xiaxia. “Momo, hurry up! The guards are changing shifts in a moment!”

“Living quarters, clear.” Fang Shanshan said teasingly, “Hey, have you seen your Cutie He yet?”

Su Xiaomo said cheerfully, “Teehee… I have.”

She was over the moon.

Tapping on the window, she said, “Cutie He, open up!”

He Jiayu was very persistent. “No, I won’t! You should leave now! I can get you infected!”

Su Xiaomo pursed her lips, looking disappointed.

That softened He Jiayu up. He almost opened the window there and then to pull her into his arms.

However, he stopped himself after only moving a little closer to the window.

“I’m fine, really. Momo, go home.” The smile He Jiayu gave her was like a spring breeze. Su Xiaomo rubbed her eyes and yelled, “Liar! You’re thin and ugly now!”

He Jiayu smiled mildly. “So, do you detest me now?”

“Yes! I do! Very much! Have you even seen yourself in a mirror? You’re haggard and stubbly! Cuddlie would be scared to tears if she saw you like this!” Su Xiaomo bellowed with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The howling wind was freezing cold outside. Tiny ice crystals fell on her face, melting instantly.

Su Xiaomo looked up at the sky in a daze. “It’s snowing.”

“Yes, the first snow of this year.” It was beautiful, but it was nothing compared with her.

Su Xiaomo pounded on the glass with her fist. “Hey, you! Be safe and take good care of yourself! You don’t have to save everyone! Come back to me alive — that’s all I care about!”

It sounded selfish, but that was how real she was.

“Alright.” He Jiayu nodded.

Su Xiaomo wiped her tears, which made He Jiayu’s stomach lurch.

“Do you know why I’m here?”

“Yes.” He did.

“Liar. How can you know?” Su Xiaomo made a face at him. “I’m a fairy and I’m going back to visit the heavenly court. The hospital just happened to be on my way.”

He Jiayu smiled with her, but there was a bitter taste in his mouth.

She was afraid… that if she didn’t come now, she might not see him again. Wasn’t that it?

“I don’t think any less of you, actually. I’m proud of you… You’re a great doctor and you’ve saved so many people. He Jiayu, please keep yourself alive while you save others this time!” Su Xiaomo put away her teasing face and turned serious.

He Jiayu managed to squeeze out a smile. “I promise.”

Chi Yuanfeng’s anxious voice came from the walkie-talkie at that moment. “Momo! Go back up! A patrol guard has spotted you!”

Su Xiaomo switched off the walkie-talkie and acted like a kid asking for candy.

“Gimme a kiss!”

He Jiayu was surprised. He then saw Su Xiaomo press her lips to the window glass and blink at him.

He could see his reflection in her black pupils.

His image filled her eyes.

He Jiayu hurried to the window and met Su Xiaomo’s lips.

Separated by the glass and in the first snow of the year, that was the closest and most distant kiss they ever had.

They had no idea if it was going to be their last kiss.

The cable pulled Su Xiaomo back up. She climbed onto the rooftop, got into Sheng Yize’s private helicopter, and promptly left the hospital.

She still remembered He Jiayu from just then — he was always smiling, but he cried today.

He said, “Thank you. I love you.”