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Chapter 956: I’m Proud of You (2)

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Su Xiaomo was in tears again.

She took the phone and read the message He Jiayu sent.

It was very brief.

“I’m safe. Don’t worry. Very busy. Can’t be home for the moment. Take good care of Cuddlie. More importantly, take good care of yourself. HJY.”

He seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t even have time to type out his full name, but used the abbreviation instead.

“Xiaxia… he’s alright! Look! He says he’s safe!” Su Xiaomo cried and laughed at the same time. Only when she wiped away her tears did she realize that her palms were covered in sweat.

“That’s great news!”

An Xiaxia fetched a hot towel and cleaned Su Xiaomo’s face for her.

After she calmed down, Su Xiaomo said self-mockingly, “I didn’t know I could actually cry…”

“You’re a human being, not a robot. I’m here for you, you know?” An Xiaxia said earnestly. Su Xiaomo pinched her cheek and sneered. “You little dummy who cries all the time, what good can you do?”

An Xiaxia blushed. “I… I…”

She couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Defeated, she sighed. “I suppose I am useless…”

“Dummy Xia!” Su Xiaomo jabbed her forehead with a finger. “You really are a little dummy…”

She then hugged An Xiaxia.

Ever since An Xiaxia was willing to get physically violent for her, Su Xiaomo knew that An Xiaxia really cared for her as a friend.

“You’re the best. You’re warm and kind… Thank you, Xiaxia.” Su Xiaomo rubbed her head on An Xiaxia’s shoulder.

“Don’t get all sentimental all of a sudden… It’s so icky…”

“Teehee.” Su Xiaomo chuckled. She then raised her head and looked at An Xiaxia teasingly. “Speaking of which, Sheng Yize isn’t going to be jealous that you’re here tonight, is he?”

“Nah! He’s not petty like that…” An Xiaxia smiled, then something dawned on her.

Sheng Yize had driven her here just then. She only said that she was going to keep Su Xiaomo company, but hadn’t told him how long she was going to stay…

As if she had sensed something, she walked to the window and lifted a corner of the curtain.

A black Porsche was parked downstairs, so still it looked like it was one with the night.

Something clicked in her head. An Xiaxia took out her phone immediately and called Sheng Yize.

“Yes?” His voice sounded a little husky on the phone.

“It’s me,” said An Xiaxia gingerly. “Why are you still here?”

Sheng Yize chuckled at her question and rolled down the window. An Xiaxia could faintly make out a red dot inside. She asked in bewilderment, “Are you smoking?”

“Nope. I just lit one.” Nicotine could keep him awake.

“How’s Su Xiaomo?” he asked.

“She’s fine. He Jiayu sent her a message. I think everything’s going to be alright.”


An Xiaxia suddenly felt a little shy as she said over her shoulder, “I need to go out for a bit. Be right back!”

“Huh? Is your husband still downstairs? Seriously?” Su Xiaomo checked the time and saw that it was past three in the morning…

An Xiaxia shuffled down the stairs in her slippers.

Seeing her come out, Sheng Yize opened the car door and An Xiaxia dove into his arms, calling his name in her soft voice, “Sheng Yize!”

“I’m here.” He wrapped his trench coat around her.

“Why didn’t you go back home?” An Xiaxia scolded. “What were you thinking, sitting here in the car for hours? Our bed at home is much more comfortable, in case you’ve forgotten.”

Sheng Yize said quietly, “I’m not comfortable leaving two vulnerable women and a baby here alone.”

“Momo will be very satisfied to hear that comment from you.” An Xiaxia grinned.

Sheng Yize suddenly raised her chin. “I like your lip color today.”

The next second, his gentle kiss landed on her lips, and lingered for a very long time.