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Chapter 946: He Didn’t Come Back (7)

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Qi Yanxi caught her in time. “Are you alright?”

An Xiaxia fell into his arms, her eyes glassy and her breathing rapid. Her mind seemed to have gone blank and all sound disappeared from the world around her.

Sheng Yize rushed out at the noise. Seeing An Xiaxia in Qi Yanxi’s arms and that the fellow was half-naked… his face darkened.

Pulling the little woman back to him, Sheng Yize darted a look at Qi Yanxi. “Do you have a habit of running around naked?”

Qi Yanxi raised his chin and said stubbornly, “That’s right! I love it!”

Sheng Yize smirked, covered An Xiaxia’s eyes with one hand, then quickly ripped Qi Yanxi’s towel from his waist with the other. He then took a step back into the room with An Xiaxia, closing the door at the same time. The whole process was carried out without a hitch.

A cleaning lady walked past their room outside and caught sight of the stark naked Qi Yanxi. She shrieked, “Oh my god!”

“Shit! Sheng Yize! You asshole!” Qi Yanxi bellowed. Covering himself with both hands, he ran back to his room in a fluster.

Inside the room.

Sheng Yize waved his hand in front of An Xiaxia’s face. “What’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia suddenly wrapped her arms tightly around Sheng Yize’s neck. Tears then rolled down her cheeks.


“Why are you apologizing to me?” Sheng Yize was a little at a loss and wiped her tears away for her. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

An Xiaxia wouldn’t listen, but kept apologizing, as if she was going to say all the “sorrys” she could for this lifetime.

“Little fool… Don’t cry. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Now, go wash your face and go to bed,” Sheng Yize said with a straight face. Rubbing her red eyes, An Xiaxia then went into the bathroom without a word.

After washing up, she threw herself down on the bed, darted a look at Sheng Yize, who was replying to emails on his laptop, and picked up his phone which he had tossed onto the bed.

She tapped on Weibo, and Sheng Yize’s account was already logged in.

She then searched her own Weibo and saw that the comments section of her most recent post was already out of control.

Tapping it open, she was blasted by all sorts of harsh words.

“I thought you were a loving couple, but I see how disgusting you really are now! You piece of shit!”

“It’s not her fault, ok? Some oversensitive bitches should really shut up! Leave them alone!”

“Tch, I don’t believe in perfectly innocent victims! She’s not going to get my sympathy!”

“Give my idol back! You bitch!”

“I feel sorry for them… All those stupid people just never use their brains. I’ll hang around for the next episode.”


An Xiaxia felt exhausted inside out.

One could pretty much say anything online, which amplified the dark side of life. So many people sneered at others with the meanest words and speculated in the most malicious way, and didn’t have to pay for such behavior.

Some would say that those were just words on the internet. Why so serious?

But the pain which those words caused was real.

She left the comments section and did a search. Despite some efforts at suppressing the rumor, the news still got around.

She bit her lip hard when she saw that photo of the traffic accident.

In the beginning, she had thought it all just some story Lan Yu had conjured up to drive a wedge between her and Sheng Yize. However, it now seemed that she was telling the truth…

She had no idea what exactly happened back then, but she did know that Sheng Yize’s mother had really died because of her own mother…

But her mother… should have been in the mental hospital at that time…

Why would her car run into his mother’s?

She sniffled, fighting back the tears that were about to fall. She then climbed out of bed and walked slowly toward Sheng Yize.