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Chapter 938: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (21)

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Her voice was only loud enough for An Xiaxia to hear. Gripping the lower hem of her dress, An Xiaxia said, “I told you. I don’t believe you.”

“Really?” Lan Yu smiled. “I hope you’re not… lying to yourself.”

An Xiaxia was utterly upset.

For the past few days, he had indeed seemed to be keeping any news of the babies from her. Even the so-called business trip was just another excuse.

Could it be that… his love and this marriage were nothing more than a lie?

Was he going to… take the babies away from her?

Seeing the anxious look on An Xiaxia’s face, Lan Yu’s smile broadened.

All women could be paranoid.

Once the seed of distrust was planted, it would draw on various conflicts, break through the surface, sprout, and eventually grow into a towering tree that would crush the relationship.

Shortly after Meng Xingzhou settled An Xiaxia in the hotel, Sheng Yize arrived in a hurry.

When he got back to their room, An Xiaxia was walking out with her suitcase.

“Where are you going?” Sheng Yize frowned.

An Xiaxia said, “I’m going home!”

Sheng Yize grabbed her by her wrist. Vexed, An Xiaxia bit down on his arm!

She used all her strength, but Sheng Yize didn’t even grunt. He just stood there and let her vent her anger.

It was only when the taste of blood filled her mouth that An Xiaxia let go of his arm angrily. “Sheng Yize, what do you want?”

“I’ve booked a ticket for you. Just go,” said Sheng Yize with an impassive face. An Xiaxia stomped her foot. “Are you chasing me away now?”

Sheng Yize replied with silence.

“Fine! I’ll go!” Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes as she threw off his hand.

Downstairs, she was stopped by some bodyguards in black suits. “Ma’am, please get in the car!”

He was using bodyguards on her now?!

Sheng Yize, you’re really something!

An Xiaxia was stuffed into the car while she was still venting her anger inside her head. The car then set out for the airport.

Ten hours later, she landed in the fashion city of Country B.

Taking in her surroundings, she was overwhelmed by grievance…

Yu City.

Sheng Yize got to the hospital as quickly as he could and learned that Pepsi’s condition had improved a little. Grandma Sheng had put her to sleep and was now looking at him in confusion. “Where’s Xiaxia?”

“I sent her away,” said Sheng Yize indifferently.

“Little one, what have you done?!” Grandma Sheng looked greatly disappointed. “Little Xiaxia will be so mad at you!”

Sheng Yize shrugged. “Let her.”

He would rather have her hate him than see her sad.

The younger generations had their own lives and Grandma Sheng decided not to meddle. Caressing Pepsi’s cheek, she said in a sympathetic tone, “The doctor said that even after the operation, it will be a long time before she’s fully recovered. She’ll probably be weaker than other kids of her age when she grows up…”

“Ah —” Cola cried out, trying to stuff his milk bottle into Pepsi’s mouth again.

Grandma Sheng brushed his hands away. “You’ll wake up your sister.”

Cola immediately stopped making any noise.

“You’ll protect your little sister from now on and don’t let anyone hurt her, understand?” Grandma Sheng enjoined in a solemn tone, regardless of the fact that Cola might not be able to comprehend her words at all.

A baby boy’s voice rang out at that moment. “That’s not his job!”


Turning around, Grandma Sheng saw a pretty little boy at the doorway with a lovely paper box in his hand. He greeted her politely. “Hello, Grandma.”

“Um… you’re…” Grandma Sheng looked at him in confusion.

Cheeks flushing, the little boy seemed to summon all his courage as he looked up and said earnestly, “I’m Pepsi’s future husband.”