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Chapter 932: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (15)

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He Jiayu snickered. “Where are your moral integrity, aspirations, and principles now?”

“They can all go to hell!” Su Xiaomo cleared her throat and gave his chest a push. “Get off me. Calm down, and let’s talk…”

He Jiayu made an expression that faintly resembled a smile, then put her hand on his chest.

His heart was thumping fast.

“Momo, I can’t calm down. I’m very angry now.”

He was still smiling when he said those words.

Su Xiaomo sighed and said awkwardly, “He’s my ex-boyfriend, sort of…”


“That’s it. There’s nothing to tell.”

Narrowing his eyes, He Jiayu pressed down further, the heat coming off his body hotter than the water. It was quite intimidating.

“How far did you get with him? Did you make out? Kiss? Or…”

“Hey! That’s enough! You know perfectly well you were my first man!” Su Xiaomo bellowed.

He Jiayu said coldly, “Go on. Tell me everything.”

“Hm…” Su Xiaomo looked conflicted and only began to tell the story after a long pause…

What happened between them was nothing complicated.

They first met when they were in middle school, when the two of them took part as representatives of Yu City in an original animation design competition.

It was a major event and there were contestants from all over the world.

In the waiting area, they overheard the discussion of some contestants from Country R.

“Heh, those two are the representatives of this country? Their animation industry sucks! Who gave them the courage to even show up here?”

“And their drawings suck, too! Have you watched any of their animation? It’s nothing compared with ours!”

“Um.. I don’t think we should be talking about others behind their back!” a girl summoned up her courage to protest.

“We’re only telling the truth! Look at their painters. Her equipment is obsolete in our country!” He gestured with his mouth at Su Xiaomo’s wacom.

Back then, Su Xiaomo was just a poor student and could only afford the cheaper, older models.

She didn’t understand their language and was still focusing on her drawing.

Shangguan Qing had learned the language before and went scarlet with anger. He tugged at Su Xiaomo’s sleeve. “Those people are talking about how rubbish we are and insulting our animation industry. And… and they’re laughing at your wacom!”

Su Xiaomo only nodded and went on drawing.

As a hotheaded teenager, Shangguan Qing bolted to his feet and yelled, “What’s so great about you? Who gave you the right to judge other people?”

Those contestants looked embarrassed. They didn’t expect to run into someone that could understand their language!

Both sides were impulsive teenagers and a row soon broke out. Su Xiaomo was going to ignore them when she heard one of them swearing in English. “You pig!”

She understood that.

Su Xiaomo raised her tablet and smashed it over that person’s head.

The person screamed in pain and covered his head with both hands.

A hush fell over the surrounding area and everyone stared at her in disbelief.

“You, translate for me.” Su Xiaomo turned to Shangguan Qing.

Shangguan Qing was dazed for a moment before nodding repeatedly. “No problem!”

Su Xiaomo said to those teenage boys, “You were right in saying that your country is much more advanced than mine in this area at the moment, but I’d like to remind you that you people started yours by taking inspiration from traditional elements of our country such as opera, ink wash painting, and paper-cutting. Back when my country was in the lead, your country didn’t even exist!

“I would highly recommend that you learn what respect is before you come to a foreign country. Oh, one more thing. We’re less developed than you are now, but don’t for one minute think that it’ll stay this way. One day, we’ll show you what real power is!”