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Chapter 930: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (13)

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Su Xiaomo frowned. “Why are we going there?”

“Why not?” He Jiayu asked unhurriedly.

“Well… no reason.” Su Xiaomo forced a smile. He Jiayu’s face turned grim and they drove to Qingqing Gallery without exchanging another word.

The gallery’s deco was rather unique and the interior had an exotic feel.

As soon as Su Xiaomo walked in, she was greeted by a frivolous voice. “Baby Mo, you’re here.”


It was indeed him!

Su Xiaomo got goosebumps all over.

He Jiayu heard the voice and turned to look.

The guy had shoulder length hair and wasn’t bad looking. He was on the short side — about 170cm tall — and was holding a cigar. The image he created was of the off-beat, artsy type.

“You two know each other?” He Jiayu asked mildly.

Su Xiaomo faltered and couldn’t give a coherent reply. The guy, however, smirked. “This is your husband? I’d say he’s from the lower class.”

“F**k off! What’s wrong with you?” Su Xiaomo snapped.

“Oh?” The man sucked on his cigar and exhaled through his nostrils. “Judging by your reaction, you weren’t the one who picked up my phone call last night.”

His phone call?

He Jiayu had never been into galleries, and Su Xiaomo had found it odd that he wanted to take her here. So, it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, but… to see this guy.

Su Xiaomo was a little upset.

“Let’s go.” She tugged at He Jiayu’s sleeve.

Unlike his usual mild self, He Jiayu was very obstinate today. He raised an eyebrow at the smoking fellow. “And you are?”

“Shangguan Qing.”

He Jiayu shrugged. “Never heard of you.”

That wiped the smile off Shangguan Qing’s face right away. Blue veins popped up on his forehead as he asked, “You don’t know my name?”

He was a renowned young painter in the country and was worth at least tens of millions!

“Nope,” He Jiayu said indifferently. “I guess you’re too rubbish for me to notice.”

“You —!” Shangguan Qing was pissed, then smirked at Su Xiaomo. “I see. You’re here so that your husband can humiliate me, right? He’s just a lousy doctor! What’s so great about that? Su Xiaomo, I invited you here just to tell you: you ignored me in the past, but I’ve risen so high that you can’t reach me even if you stand on the tallest building!”

… This fellow had to be out of his mind.

Su Xiaomo was utterly embarrassed. She whispered to He Jiayu, “Don’t let him get to you. He’s nuts.”

He Jiayu smiled gently. “We’ll talk about this after we get back!”

Cringing, Su Xiaomo leaned into his arms and said in a cloying tone, “Honey, I have my eye on a few paintings. Can you buy them for me?”

“Of course, honey. Which one do you want?” He Jiayu was as gentle as ever.

Shangguan Qing thought he was going to have a stroke. “Hey! I’m still here!”

“Shut up!” Su Xiaomo cast a stern glance at Shangguan Qing, which silenced him right away.

“I want this, this, and that…” Su Xiaomo randomly pointed at a few paintings, which made Shangguan Qing roll his eyes. “You’re biting off more than you can chew. Those three are all mine and they’re worth over a million altogether. How can a petty doctor afford them?”

“Heh.” He Jiayu smiled and took out a card.

Shangguan Qing took one glance and the look on his face changed.

It was a debit card, not a credit card.

Which meant that the guy had at least over a million in cash in his bank account!

Gosh! Who was this man Su Xiaomo had married?

On second thought, he could have used all of his savings to put on this show…

Shangguan Qing didn’t think that in the next moment.

He Jiayu said quietly, “Apart from this gentleman’s paintings, I’m taking everything else in the gallery.”