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Chapter 929: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (12)

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He Jiayu didn’t reply, but forced himself to continue listening.

The voice on the other end sounded arrogant and roguish. “I heard you’re married? To some petty doctor? Heh, I bet you’re regretting it now. If you’re with me, at least you can get as many LV and Dior bags as you want. Why stick around that little piece of shit?”

He Jiayu’s face darkened.

Who on earth was this man?

As if realizing how awkward this one-sided conversation was, the man cleared his throat and said, “Meet me at Qingqing Gallery tomorrow night at seven. See you then.”

He hung up after that.

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow, tossed the phone aside, and sat down quietly on the sofa with his legs crossed.

Su Xiaomo walked out of the bathroom, rubbing her wet hair with a towel and her skin pink from the shower. She was surprised to see He Jiayu sitting there. “Why are you not in bed?”

Mr. He was all about a healthy routine and he always went to bed early after putting Cuddlie to sleep.

He Jiayu smiled mildly. “Come here.”

Su Xiaomo went up to him and He Jiayu used more force than necessary to pull her down onto his lap.

“Hey… what are you doing? Cuddlie will be up for her milk in a moment…” Su Xiaomo struggled. He Jiayu lowered his voice, which was as mellow as the sound of a cello. “I’m just… doing your hair for you.”

Embarrassed, Su Xiaomo stopped struggling.

He Jiayu adjusted her position, then began to carefully blowdry her hair.

“Cutie He… You’re so gentle when you’re not in bed…” Su Xiaomo mumbled. The hairdryer was a little noisy and He Jiayu had to switch it off to speak. “What was that?”

“Nothing! It was nothing!” Su Xiaomo denied right away.

To He Jiayu, that anxious look on her face was more like… guilt.

He Jiayu blinked, then said slowly, “Tomorrow is my day off. What shall we do?”

“Wow, really?” Su Xiaomo was pleasantly surprised.

Being a doctor was hard work. He Jiayu might be called away in the middle of the night for a surgery, and it had been a while since they last went on a date.


Su Xiaomo happily sketched out a plan. “Let’s take Cuddlie to her health checkup first, then leave her at Xiaxia’s. After that, we can grab something to eat and go see a movie!”

“Alright.” He Jiayu nodded. He then added casually, “We can check out a gallery while we’re at it.”

The next day.

They took Cuddlie to her health checkup and got her vaccinated before leaving her with the Sheng family, asking An Xiaxia to look after her for a while.

“Where do you want to eat?” He Jiayu asked.

“Anywhere will do.” Su Xiaomo was in a great mood. She was never the sensitive type and had failed to notice that He Jiayu had been acting sulky since last night.

They went to watch a movie after lunch.

It was a coming-of-age movie.

And the story was about first loves.

Su Xiaomo knew about He Jiayu’s first love, who was Luo Qianran, the girl who had died for him.

As for her… Sigh. Some things were best left unsaid.

However, He Jiayu asked in an earnest voice, “Momo, did you have boyfriends before?”

Despite He Jiayu’s mild tone, Su Xiaomo spat out her drink at those words.

Wiping her mouth hastily, she asked in a surprised tone, “Why do you ask?”

Seeing her reaction, He Jiayu narrowed his eyes, looking like an animal that was checking out its prey.

“Heh… oh, didn’t you say we’re going to a gallery?”

She abruptly changed the subject. He Jiayu gave her a pensive look, then played along.

“That’s right.”

The movie ended at that moment.

He rose to his feet, looking a little forsaken.

“Come, let’s go visit Qingqing Gallery.”