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Chapter 926: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (9)

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Sheng Yize said vaguely, “All kids are like this when they’re sick. They whine, that’s all… You and Pepsi make two crying babies here.”

Still teary-eyed, An Xiaxia lowered her head.

“It’s late. Go to bed.” Sheng Yize rubbed her head.

Pepsi was exhausted from crying and sobbed sporadically, looking very pitiful.

“Aah… wah…” Flailing his limbs happily, Cola tried to stuff his milk bottle into Pepsi’s hands.

Sheng Yize chuckled. “I see that the little brat is quite considerate.”

An Xiaxia wanted to tell him that it was more likely because Cola had stuffed himself full…

However, it was indeed very rare to see such harmonious interactions between the two kids. An Xiaxia even took a picture of the twins. She only went back to her room after putting the babies to sleep.

After the long trip and being worried about the babies the entire time, An Xiaxia was exhausted inside out. She soon fell asleep.

When she woke up again, it was the following afternoon.

Thinking of the babies, she scurried to their room without even putting her slippers on.

The afternoon sun poured in through the French windows. Sheng Yize was sitting at a children’s piano, playing a tune with one hand.

It was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

Cola and Pepsi were holding hands as they sat and listened to it, their heads touching.

Pepsi didn’t look so well, but she wasn’t crying anymore. She blinked her big eyes as she listened.

Sheng Yize played the simple melody dozens of times as if he didn’t know fatigue.

When he finally stopped, Cola and Pepsi had fallen asleep.

He twisted his wrist to relax it. Turning around, he saw An Xiaxia standing in the doorway.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” He rose to his feet.

An Xiaxia suddenly threw herself into his arms and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

“What’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip and said in a muffled voice, “I don’t know… but, I’m scared.”

It had been such a heartwarming scene, but uneasiness just kept building up inside her, as if trying to swallow her whole.

Sheng Yize’s stomach lurched. A mother always knew. Could An Xiaxia have sensed something already?

“Get some rest. I’ll take Cola and Pepsi to the hospital.”

“I’m coming, too!”

“Like this?” Sheng Yize looked at her in amusement and patted her well-toned buttocks. “Remember to put on your shoes next time.”


Sheng Yize tapped her little head with a finger. “You have a more important task.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia gestured at herself. “What’s that?”

“Have you heard of the Si family of Ying City?” Sheng Yize asked in a low voice.

An Xiaxia nodded.

The Si family were of a similar status as the four big families of Yu City.

“Mr. and Mrs. Si are visiting us tonight, and you’ll have to help me book a restaurant.” An assistant would have been perfectly capable of doing that, but Sheng Yize wanted to give An Xiaxia something to do so that she wouldn’t follow him to the hospital.

An Xiaxia didn’t suspect a thing at all. She nodded and said, “No problem. I’ll find a good one.”

“Good girl.” Sheng Yize rubbed her hair, trying to make his smile as sincere as possible.

The hospital.

Cola and Pepsi’s checkups were done and they were playing with two nurses.

The doctor briefed Sheng Yize. “Pepsi’s condition is more severe than Cola’s and medicine alone won’t be enough to control it. Her health will deteriorate if she isn’t treated… This is because of the mother’s Rh blood type and her own…”

Sheng Yize cut him off. “I just want to know if it’s curable.”

The doctor was succinct. “Yes.”


“A transfusion.”

Sheng Yize clenched his fists at those words.

The procedure was painful enough even for an adult, let alone a baby this small.