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Chapter 925: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (8)

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Qi Yanxi: … Was that supposed to be an insult of his English proficiency? He had lived abroad for seven years, alright?!

Sheng Yize couldn’t bear to listen anymore. He snatched the phone away from An Xiaxia and explained to Qi Yanxi, who was on the other side of the video call, “She’s drunk.”

Qi Yanxi looked like he saw his savior. “Ah! Blacky! You’re finally here!”

Heaven knew what he had gone through just then…

He wanted to delete that completely from his memory…

He hung up immediately, utterly relieved.

Sheng Yize shook his head. Turning his gaze to An Xiaxia, he suddenly felt like teasing her a little. “Now, say you’re a pig.”

An Xiaxia tilted her head and giggled. “You’re a pig.”

“…” Sheng Yize was speechless. “YOU are a pig!”

“No, you are.” An Xiaxia pouted. “I’m not!”

Why, she had learned.

Sheng Yize thought he ought to appraise his wife in a whole new light.

An Xiaxia rearranged the towel on her head and said jovially, “I’m a mushroom!”

Thump —

Sheng Yize lost his balance and nearly fell to the floor. He stared at An Xiaxia in disbelief.

An Xiaxia blinked. “You didn’t know? Hoho!”

… Should he have known?!

This little dummy!

“In that case, what am I?” Sheng Yize retorted.

“You’re a pig, of course!” An Xiaxia said matter-of-factly.

Sheng Yize felt like he had just shot himself in the foot.


Sheng Yize gave her a mesmerizing smile, then ripped the towel off her head. “Little mushroom, come here and let’s make some piglets!”

“Huh? Can a mushroom make piglets?”



“We just have to try a few more times,” said Sheng Yize with a straight face, sparing no effort in swindling his dumb little wife.

When An Xiaxia sobered up and recalled what she did last night, she thought she was going to die from humiliation.

As she buried her face in her hands, the ringing of her phone broke the silence. It was from Grandma Sheng and she sounded anxious. “Xiaxia, both Cola and Pepsi are sick!”

At those words, An Xiaxia lost all interest in traveling and panic was written all over her face. She forgot all about their following plans and went straight to Sheng Yize. “We need to go back home now!”

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Yize was confused.

“Cola and Pepsi are sick…” An Xiaxia stared at her feet in self-reproach. Sheng Yize was surprised by the news. He then said calmly, “Don’t panic. I’ll book our tickets now.”

They got back to Yu City that same night.

The old Sheng family home.

Cola and Pepsi were crying and screaming, and refused to sleep. Their howls turned into a duet and the entire family couldn’t quiet them down.

It pained An Xiaxia to see her children like this. She picked them up and cajoled them in a soft voice.

Cola quieted down at the sound of his mother’s voice. Not only did he take his medicine, he regained his appetite and began to drink milk from his bottle.

Pepsi, on the other hand, cried even louder. It sounded as if she was greatly aggrieved, and her cries were agonizing.

“There, there… don’t cry…” An Xiaxia wiped Pepsi’s tears in a fluster.

Pepsi mumbled a simple syllable, “Mama…”

An Xiaxia burst into tears at this.

Seeing this, Sheng Yize pulled the mother and daughter into his arms and comforted them in a low voice.

His hand clenched into a fist in his pocket.

A moment ago, the doctors of the Sheng and Song families had called him in turn.

The message conveyed was quite straightforward: they weren’t able to get Pepsi’s hemolytic disease fully under control.

Sheng Yize felt like a bowl of ice cold water had just been poured over his head, chilling him to the bone.

But… he couldn’t bring himself to tell An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia’s eyes brimmed with tears as she asked, “What’s wrong with the babies?”