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Chapter 923: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (6)

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You couldn’t “grow” one just like that!

“Idiot!” Sheng Yize blushed first. “Don’t you know you’re a girl?”

“So what? A girl will have a little carrot one day!” Severely lacking in common sense, An Xiaxia yelled back at him.

“…” Sheng Yize went silent.

After a very long pause, he said slowly, “Do let me know when you’ve grown one yourself.”

“Why? What are you going to do?” Xiaxia looked frightened. “Are you jealous of me?”

Sheng Yize shifted his gaze to a brick by the side of the road.

Well, he was only seven, so he wouldn’t be arrested if he hit someone, would he?

Someone please stop him from smacking that brick in this little idiot’s face!

“Why are you laughing…” It was only when her nose was almost pressed against Sheng Yize’s face that she could make out the smile on it.

Sheng Yize pinched her cheek. “Xiaxia, have you grown your own carrot yet?”

“Carrot…” An Xiaxia looked confused. “Are you giving me a carrot to eat? But I don’t like them.”


Sheng Yize was cracking up inside, but had to keep a straight face. “Do you know how dumb you are?”

“I’m not!” An Xiaxia bit him angrily.

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and let her do whatever she wanted.

Alright, she was a dummy, but he had handpicked her himself.


Chi Yuanfeng put down his phone and sighed in amazement. “Brother and Xiaxia must be the most envied couple right now.”

“Yup.” Lolling on the sofa, Fang Shanshan was watching a variety show on TV while she ordered Chi Yuanfeng around. “Hurry up, I’m waiting here.”

Chi Yuanfeng put a handful of walnuts in her mouth, then went on to shell some pecans.

“Shanshan… we’ve been traveling for a few days now. Are you not happy with me in any way?” Chi Yuanfeng probed.

Fang Shanshan gave it some thought and replied, “Nope. Everything’s fine.”

Chi Yuanfeng’s eyes twinkled. “Will you marry me, then?”

“Hmph! No, I wont! I have so many pursuers and I need time to think.”

Chi Yuanfeng frowned. He suddenly put down the nuts in his hands, rose to his feet, and said in a commanding voice, “You can’t consider other men!”

“Why not?”

“Because… I won’t allow it!” Chi Yuanfeng said decisively and didn’t back off, which was very rare of him. He then began to unbutton his shirt.

Aww! Was her sweet boy finally turning bossy now? Fang Shanshan was exhilarated. However, Chi Yuanfeng stopped what he was doing and apologized. “Shanshan, I’m sorry.”

Fang Shanshan stammered. “Huh? You’re sorry… for what?” He was so hot a moment ago!

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Sob… please don’t let it affect your impression of me… I promise I’ll be very gentle in the future…” Chi Yuanfeng wouldn’t let go of her thigh.

Grow up!

Fang Shanshan ground her teeth and grabbed him by the collar. “I don’t want you to be gentle!”

After that, a strange awkwardness set in between them.

Chi Yuanfeng might be a dork at times, but he never disappointed in critical moments like this. He grasped the meaning of her words right away. “So… you liked what I did to you just then?”

“I’m not telling you!” Fang Shanshan blushed.

Elated, Chi Yuanfeng changed his demeanor and pinned Fang Shanshan down on the sofa right away. “Like this?”

Fang Shanshan buried her face in her hands shyly.

Chi Yuanfeng kissed her forehead, the corners of her eyes, her nose, her mouth, and all the way down to her collarbones…

The temperature in the room seemed to rise.

Fang Shanshan asked with flushed cheeks, “Do you have any protection on you…”