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Chapter 921: I’m Pepsi’s Future Husband (4)

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It was in the least revealing style!

Could this man be any more possessive…

An Xiaxia smiled in resignation. Walking out of the changing room, she saw Sheng Yize talking to another man in a low voice.

They were speaking too fast for her to follow. When she went up to them, she saw that the other guy was rather handsome and had an upright air about him. His smile reminded her of the glorious morning sun.

“Mrs. Sheng, I presume?” The man extended his hand toward An Xiaxia with a smile.

Before An Xiaxia could shake hands with him, a big white towel was thrown over her head.

“You go in first,” said Sheng Yize with an impassive face.

He had chosen the most conservative swimming suit he could find, but it did nothing to conceal her nice figure…

The way An Xiaxia looked now only made him want to lock her up so that no one else in this whole world would be able to catch a glimpse of her!

“Hm…” An Xiaxia was confused, but still turned to leave as told.

The man smiled and suddenly called out to someone in the distance, “Chengzi, over here!”

An Xiaxia stopped at the name. She couldn’t help but turn to look.

Some distance away, Xiao Cheng strutted toward them in a sexy bikini, her hair in lush, bouncy curls.

“Mr. Sheng, it’s been a while.”

Sheng Yize nodded a little in greeting.

From An Xiaxia’s position, Xiao Cheng’s curvaceous body was beyond description.

Looking down at herself, An Xiaxia was all the more frustrated.

And Sheng Yize was talking to her! Xiao Cheng smiled prettily and wasn’t shy to show off her assets.

Sensing An Xiaxia’s gaze, Xiao Cheng chuckled inwardly. She then went up to Sheng Yize and lowered her voice. “Mr. Sheng, I think your little wife is jealous.”

Sheng Yize turned a little and caught An Xiaxia’s disgruntled face as she gnawed on her towel.

His heart skipped a beat. What a foolish little woman.

But he loved her foolishness.

Xiao Cheng suddenly cried out, “Hey, there’s some dirt on your face!”

After that, she reached out to Sheng Yize’s cheek without asking him…


An Xiaxia ground her teeth loudly, her eyes wide open!

Why did they look so intimate? And why wasn’t Sheng Yize moving away from her touch?

Moreover, Xiao Cheng’s breasts were almost touching Sheng Yize!

Exasperated, An Xiaxia looked around and saw a tray, which had a bottle of wine for some guest on it.

Stomping her foot, An Xiaxia grabbed the bottle and downed half of its contents in one go.

Emboldened by the alcohol, An Xiaxia suddenly seemed to find courage she didn’t know she had. She then charged at Sheng Yize, looking ready for combat.

She pulled Xiao Cheng away from him and yelled grumpily, “You… you’re not allowed to touch him!”

Xiao Cheng fought back her laughter and said, “Why can’t I?”

The wine began to take effect and An Xiaxia felt her head spin. She blurted out without thinking, “Because he’s mine, from head to toe! And only I can touch him!”

“I see~” Xiao Cheng said in a drawl. She then gave Sheng Yize a “you can thank me later” look and grabbed the other guy. “Let’s go.”

Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia were left alone.

Sheng Yize smelled alcohol on her and asked in surprise, “Are you drunk?”

“Hmph!” An Xiaxia poked Sheng Yize. “Do you even see yourself? Are you trying to get women to hit on you dressed like that?”

… So, she was drunk.

An Xiaxia jabbed at his abs with her finger. “And, who gave you permission to have abs and an Apollo’s belt?”

Sheng Yize was speechless. That was his fault now?

Taking her busy hands in his grip, Sheng Yize said in a husky voice, “Xiaxia, are you jealous?”