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Chapter 916: I Can Live Without Her (3)

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Sheng Yize’s face darkened and he looked like he was ready to kill someone.

There was a note on the table.

The printed text read: Do stay put, Mr. Sheng. This is just an old acquaintance inviting Mrs. Sheng to catch up over tea.

Catch up? In this manner?

He frowned and dialed a number.

Soon, a city-wide search for a young Chinese woman began.

An Xiaxia woke up to unfamiliar surroundings.

She had “who am I?” and “where am I” written all over her face until someone showed up, which made her cry out in surprise. “Lan Yu!”

Standing in her 10cm heels, Lan Yu looked down at her.

An Xiaxia thought she could detect a hint of hatred in those eyes.

With no idea how she had offended Lan Yu, An Xiaxia bit her lip and looked around the room, mumbling, “Why am I here…”

“I brought you here.” Lan Yu didn’t try to hide anything. She raised her chin. “It’s such a coincidence that you chose this place as your destination.”

An Xiaxia looked confused. “Why did you bring me here?”

“Kang Jian is wounded and I’m not sure he can make it. I’ll let you see him for the last time,” said Lan Yu coldly. An Xiaxia panicked right away. “What happened to him?”

Lan Yu’s smile had no warmth in it. “Have you forgotten what he does for a living now? He’s a mercenary, and life-threatening situations come with the job. It’s only normal if he gets injured or killed.”

An Xiaxia clenched her fists. “Where is he…”

Lan Yu snorted and pointed at a room in the suite. “There.”

An Xiaxia trotted toward it on bare feet and pushed the door open.

The smell of blood, disinfectant, and other medicines filled the room.

Kang Jian lay in bed, his face pale and his eyes closed. He seemed to be in agony.

“Kang Jian…” It pained An Xiaxia to see him this way.

Her gaze landed on Kang Jian’s abdomen, which was wrapped in thick layers of gauze as something pink seeped through them.

Her stomach lurched and tears welled up in her eyes. “What did you get yourself into… you moron… Kang Jian, hang in there. Uncle and Auntie are still waiting for you…”

An Xiaxia was hit by a pang of sorrow after she said those words.

What was the point of waiting? His parents could wait for as long as they wanted, but all they could do was cry at the word “Missing” on that name list.

They would never see their son return like a hero again.

As if stirred by her muffled sobs, Kang Jian’s eyelashes quivered and he opened his eyes.

In the sunlight, a woman stood by the window. She had delicate features and wore a conservative-looking white nightgown, which only accentuated her slim frame. A few love bites dotted her collarbones.

Was this an illusion? Or was this real…


“Yes! It’s me!” Hearing his voice, An Xiaxia turned to him right away. “How do you feel?”

Kang Jian forced a smile. “I’m alright…”

It was just a standard gunshot wound, but Lan Yu had wanted to make it hard for him. She forbade her men from giving him anesthetic and operated on him to remove the bullet while he was wide awake.

It didn’t hurt. Not at all. How could it?

“You promised me that you’d be safe and take care of yourself…” An Xiaxia tugged at the bedsheet. “A goofball like you should never become a mercenary! Go be a farmer and raise pigs, or goats! Anything but this!”

Kang Jian was dazed for a moment, then he smiled.

It was a most bitter smile.

He had blood all over his hands now. There was no going back for him.

One moment of weakness and he would drown.