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Chapter 913: Lord Xiaxia’s Beloved Little Yize (10)

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It only occurred to An Xiaxia then that she had used the account of the ex-national idol to advertise a romantic novel depicting a love story between two guys…

Oh no!

She couldn’t even begin to imagine what others might think!

“Ahem… I’ll delete that post now.” An Xiaxia chuckled awkwardly and picked up his phone. However, she was too late.

That post had been forwarded and commented on tens of thousands of times already and was known far and wide.

Tapping into the comments section anxiously, what An Xiaxia saw made her mouth fall open.

“Good gracious! Captain Yize is reading books of that famous author of slash fiction from that website?!”

“I think his account just got hacked… but it looks kinda cute, though.”

“Tch… You guys, have you considered the possibility that the post was created by Captain Yize’s wife?”

“Wait, are you saying that Captain Yize’s wife is that author ‘Break Stones on My Chest’?!”

“Dude… I think you’ve just discovered something incredible…”

Instantly, all of Weibo exploded. All the tabloid accounts moved into action and gossiped about their past.

An Xiaxia deleted the post, then nibbled her fingers and apologized sheepishly. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a post.”

He was used to the silly mistakes his little wife made. Sigh.

After they got back home, Sheng Yize pinched An Xiaxia’s cheek and narrowed his eyes in a dangerous way. “Time for your shower now.”

An Xiaxia blushed and said righteously, “No, it’s not!”

He was going to “eat her up” right after that… like hell she was going to follow his order!

“I see you’re into dirty things now,” Sheng Yize commented, then began to unbutton his shirt. “All the better. Let’s get right into it, then…”

“No, no! I’ll take my shower! I’m taking it now!”

Defeated, she went to wash herself. After she got out, she saw that Sheng Yize had taken his shower in the guest bathroom and had been waiting for her for a while.

Somehow, An Xiaxia ended up being carried to their bed. The two of them then engaged in their “night time exercise.”

Sheng Yize was exceptionally passionate and domineering tonight.

An Xiaxia begged and pleaded, but after one round was over, the next round was even more intense…

“Sheng Yize… you asshole…” Piqued, An Xiaxia bit him hard on the shoulder!

Sheng Yize didn’t even frown, but only smiled a little. “Why, are you not satisfied? Hm… I see I have a little insatiable wife here. You’re going to wear me out.”

“You animal!” An Xiaxia was exasperated by how he had twisted her words, and her eyes went red. “All you do is take advantage of me…”

Seeing that she was genuinely upset, Sheng Yize stopped and pulled her into his arms.

“I want to take advantage of you for the rest of your life…” he said in a mesmerizing voice as he sucked her earlobe.

An Xiaxia kicked him, but was too exhausted to talk. She soon fell asleep.

Sheng Yize carried her to the bathroom to clean her up, then took her back to bed.

The phone on the bedside table lit up every now and then.

He had switched it to silent mode beforehand. He took a quick glance and saw that the notifications were still for comments on Weibo.

Somehow, he and An Xiaxia were all over the headlines and they had been named the “most loving couple of the year.”

Sheng Yize smiled and accepted that title joyfully.

His “My succulent has grown plumper, just like you” had also become a meme, and netizens were coming up with all sorts of spin-offs.

“This drink is so sweet, just like you.” “This stuffed steamed bun is so yummy, just like you.” “The kitty I’m feeding is so adorable, just like you.”

A whole bunch of “like you” was soon seen all over the internet.

Why, had they really become social media influencers, like An Xiaxia had predicted?