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Chapter 908: Lord Xiaxia’s Beloved Little Yize (5)

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“I can’t control other people’s feelings and I can’t change other people’s attitude toward me. I really wouldn’t know what to do,” An Xiaxia said honestly.

“…” Lan Yu was rendered speechless. “You’re very frank.”

An Xiaxia blinked. “Do you like Uncle Meng?”

“So what if I do, or if I don’t?” Lan Yu retorted.

“Nothing.” An Xiaxia chuckled. “I’m just waiting to go to your wedding.”

Lan Yu was surprised. She sensed An Xiaxia’s genuine kindness and her heart softened a little. At the thought of Meng Xingzhou’s stubbornness, she sighed. “A lot of things in this world won’t just bend to your will.”

She would love to marry Meng Xingzhou, but did Meng Xingzhou want the same thing?

The differences in their backgrounds aside, she couldn’t even get past Meng Xingzhou’s mother.

An Xiaxia was at a loss and looked at her in confusion.

Lan Yu caressed her cheek. “How did you and Yize become a couple?”

“We were classmates in high school. We sat together and everything just followed. We ended up getting married.”

“That’s so nice. Love formed during your teenage years should be the purest of all.” Lan Yu stared blankly into the air, her head filled with a lot of things.

Such as the death of her father.

The tenderness in her eyes vanished instantly and she gave An Xiaxia an indifferent glance.

“Take care of yourself.” After that line, which seemed to come out of nowhere, Lan Yu went back inside, leaving An Xiaxia behind, still confused.

Everything had been fine and she got angry just like that…

With nothing better to do, An Xiaxia kicked a few stones away. She then heard a “meow,” which scared the wits out of her.

“Aaah —” she screamed. When she saw a white cat leap away from behind all the leaves, her legs almost gave out.

Hearing her voice, Sheng Yize arrived immediately and pulled her into his arms.

“Cat… there was a cat…” An Xiaxia was almost in tears.

Cats still scared her the most.

It was something branded on her soul and would haunt her forever, like the worst possible dream.

Sheng Yize comforted her in a soft voice. “There, there. I’m here for you.”

Meng Xingzhou came out in a hurry and looked surprised. “What happened to Xiaxia?”

“She was born in the year of the rat and she’s afraid of cats.” Sheng Yize used the same excuse An Yibei gave him back in the day.

Meng Xingzhou nodded. “Sorry about that. I didn’t know. Come here, kitty.”

He crouched down and the cat jumped into his arms obediently. Meng Xingzhou then said apologetically, “I’ll put it back in its nest.”


Sheng Yize rubbed An Xiaxia’s head and said in resignation, “Aren’t you too old to cry over this?”

“I’m not crying!” An Xiaxia said aggrievedly.

“Alright, alright. You’re not crying,” said Sheng Yize indulgently. He then asked in a low voice, “You don’t like it here, do you?”

An Xiaxia tugged at the lower hem of her sweater and looked at him sheepishly.

“It’s ok. Just tell me the truth,” Sheng Yize said patiently.

Summoning up her courage, An Xiaxia shook her head. “No, I don’t…”

“Then let’s go back home.” Holding her hand, Sheng Yize went in to bid his grandparents farewell, then left with An Xiaxia.

On their way out, An Xiaxia could feel Lan Yu’s gaze on her back.

It was an awful feeling to be stared at.

On their way back home, after much hesitation, An Xiaxia finally asked, “What does Uncle’s girlfriend do?”

“She’s a tough businesswoman,” said Sheng Yize succinctly.

Could it be that… they didn’t know that Lan Yu was from that Lan family?