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Chapter 906: Lord Xiaxia’s Beloved Little Yize (3)

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A couple of days later.

In a restaurant in Yu City.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were enjoying their afternoon tea.

“Damn! I’m blinded by Shanshan’s diamond ring!” Su Xiaomo pressed a hand to her chest and beckoned at An Xiaxia to take a look at a picture on her social media page.

An Xiaxia took one glance and was amazed.

It was a picture of a slim hand wearing a beautiful diamond ring.

Apart from showing off that ring, Fang Shanshan had posted another picture.

In it, she and Chi Yuanfeng had their heads together and both were giggling. But one could tell how happy they felt even just by looking at the picture.

“Wow! They finally did it!” An Xiaxia said enviously.

Her phone beeped. Picking it up, she saw that it was an update on her friends’ status on Weibo.

She refreshed the page and saw that the first post was from Chi Yuanfeng.

Chi Yuanfeng V: Yup, we’re getting married! I’m thrilled! The rumor came true and Miss Fang will become Mrs. Chi. All my good friends are invited to the wedding. Of course, bring a lot of gift money! Haha!

An Xiaxia then opened the comments section and saw that in less than a minute, it had exploded.

“I don’t believe it! How can my idol marry someone else?”

“I’ll see you all on the rooftop tonight! Make way for the next jumper!”

Sob… As sad as I am now, I still send you all my best wishes. I hope the idol of my youth will have a happy life. You deserve the best.”


The comments made An Xiaxia feel quite sentimental.

Come to think of it, all three members of Starry Night, the group she used to trash, had turned out nicely, despite the different paths they had taken.

It was quite remarkable.

They used to be the dream of countless girls, and now each of them had found their place and gotten what they wanted in this world.

“How time flies…”

“Exactly. We’re getting old already.” Su Xiaomo looked up at the sky with a melancholy look on her face and pinched Cuddlie’s face. “Don’t grow up, my sweetheart, or I’ll be old. I can’t go back to the heavenly court as a fairy if I’m old.”

An Xiaxia chuckled. “Now, Miss Fairy, I’d like to see you fly!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes and said in a matter-of-fact tone, “I’m not going to fly on demand! That would be so frivolous!”

An Xiaxia: …You’re incorrigible.

Sheng Yize came to pick An Xiaxia up at five o’clock.

An Xiaxia kept checking herself in the mirror on the way.

The wounds on her face had pretty much healed and she had dressed up for the occasion, wearing minimal but splendid makeup. Even Sheng Yize couldn’t help but dart glances at her all the time.

“Sheng Yize… do you think your granny will like me?” An Xiaxia asked anxiously.

Sheng Yize had never mentioned his granny and her family, so An Xiaxia presumed that they weren’t that close.

She felt so stressed.

“You heartless little woman. I thought you wouldn’t be scared!” Sheng Yize snorted. “Isn’t my love enough for you?”

“It’s not the same.”

Of course she wanted all his family to accept her and like her.

“Don’t worry. My granny is a nice old lady.”

Sheng Yize was right. His granddad was surnamed Meng and his granny Tao. Both were good-natured elders and were neither too detached nor too enthusiastic toward the young couple. Their manner was perfectly mild and one felt very comfortable around them.

“Yize, Xiaxia, you’re back.” A mellow voice rang out. An Xiaxia turned to look and saw a man in his thirties enter the room with a woman on his arm, the latter’s smile bright and beautiful.

“Uncle.” Sheng Yize rose to his feet and greeted the man, but An Xiaxia froze on the spot.

“We meet again, Xiaxia.”