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Chapter 904: Lord Xiaxia’s Beloved Little Yize (1)

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“What’s wrong?” Chi Yuanfeng looked at her anxiously.

Fang Shanshan bit her lip. “Well… Uncle Fang said that he wants to meet you.”

“Sure! I’ll take care to prepare some gifts and visit him!” Chi Yuanfeng giggled.

Fang Shanshan said in a diffident tone, “You don’t have to make that trip…”


“From what I remember of his style, he’ll probably… kidnap you and take you to him.”

When An Xiaxia read the news about Chi Yuanfeng and Fang Shanshan, it was already late that night.

She mixed some milk powder with water and handed each of the three babies a bottle. Pepsi finished hers first and didn’t seem content. She even reached out to grab Cola’s bottle.

Cola of course wouldn’t have it and the twins tumbled around a bit. Cola sped up and quickly finished his milk, then stuck out his tongue at Pepsi.

Little Hope yawned after finishing hers and fell asleep, ignoring the noisy Cola and Pepsi next to her.

Watching the interaction of the three babies, An Xiaxia thought her heart was going to melt.

After all three babies were fed and went to sleep, she took out her phone and opened Weibo.

The topic #Chi Yuanfeng is married# was all over the front page!

An Xiaxia jumped at the news. Chi Yuanfeng was married?

Scrolling down the page, she finally saw a piece of news that looked remotely reliable.

It was a photo.

Despite the blurry image, she still could make out Fang Shanshan’s face!

So… Fang Shanshan was Chi Yuanfeng’s wife?

An Xiaxia couldn’t think straight. Rushing into the study, she yelled, “Sheng Yize! Help!”


“Look! Fengfeng and Shanshan are married!” An Xiaxia handed him the phone.

Sheng Yize read a few lines and concluded, “It’s just gossip. Don’t take it too seriously.”

“I was so surprised.” An Xiaxia patted her chest. However, Sheng Yize was now chuckling at Chi Yuanfeng’s distress. “Although, someone’s going to have a hard time now…”

That Mr. Fang was known for his ruthless approach.

Poor little Fengfeng.

“Are you saying that Fengfeng is going to have a hard time?” An Xiaxia blinked. “But why do I feel like you’re so happy?”

“You felt wrong.”

“But you really are smiling…”

The scheming guy couldn’t be bothered to explain anymore. He kissed her to stop her talking, pinned her down, and “punished” her until he was happy.

That same night, Chi Yuanfeng was bundled onto a private jet.

Flying through clouds and over oceans, the plane landed next to a seaside villa on another continent.

In the villa.

Chi Yuanfeng nervously greeted the stately man on the sofa. “Hello, Uncle Fang.”

“Heh.” The handsome man chuckled. There was something very charismatic about his demeanor that was characteristic of a mature man. “Chi Yuanfeng, I presume?”


The man slowly rolled up his sleeves. “Defeat me and you can marry Shanshan.”

Chi Yuanfeng nearly choked. It was public knowledge that this man was the real boss of Imminent Night, and probably only a handful of people in this country could defeat him in close combat!

Fang Shanshan snapped, “Uncle Fang, you’re giving him an impossible task!”

Fang Liyuan darted Fang Shanshan a cold glance. “If he can’t protect the woman he loves, how can I give him your hand?”

Those words were utterly humiliating to Chi Yuanfeng.

He gritted his teeth and rolled up his sleeves. “Bring it on.”

Fang Liyuan gave him a contemplative smile. “Good. I’ll fight you with just one hand.”

“That won’t be necessary!”

Chi Yuanfeng was kicked away after trading no more than three blows.

Grinding his teeth, Chi Yuanfeng tried again!

Aww! That hurt!

Aww! That hurt so bad!

Aww! The pain was killing him!