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Chapter 902: Will You Marry Me? (5)

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The scene inside was unseemly.

Chi Yuanfeng’s clothes were all disheveled and Ning Jinxin was on top of him, her eyes gleaming. It needed no further explanation.

“Shanshan…” Chi Yuanfeng was dumbfounded.


Why was it Fang Shanshan who had come to his rescue? This was so humiliating!

Adrenaline kicked in and Chi Yuanfeng fought off the effect of the drug for one moment as he threw Ning Jinxin off him with all the strength he could muster.

Ning Jinxin burst into tears. “Yuanfeng…”

“Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this to him?!” Fang Shanshan bellowed, pointing at Ning Jinxin’s nose.

Ning Jinxin snorted. “This is a consensual thing between two adults… Speaking of which, who the hell are you?”

Fang Shanshan was so furious that her hair almost stood up. “Me? I’m…”

She stopped mid-sentence.

That was right.

Who was she to him?

She and Chi Yuanfeng had been stuck in this lukewarm, relationship-like state forever. They had their intimate moments but neither of them had actually said anything specific. They were more than friends, but not yet lovers.

In that case, what was she to Chi Yuanfeng?

Fang Shanshan was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of defeat. However, her self-esteem wouldn’t allow her to be disgraced. Gritting her teeth, she said, “He’s my kept man!”

Ning Jinxin was speechless.

Chi Yuanfeng didn’t know what to say…

Ning Jinxin’s mouth opened so wide that her fake chin threatened to fall off. She stammered, “You… you and him…”

Fang Shanshan raised an eyebrow. “You heard me. So get lost!”

Holding onto Chi Yuanfeng’s leg, Ning Jinxin whimpered, “Yuanfeng, I feel so sorry for you…”

Fang Shanshan was flabbergasted. What the hell? What was she feeling sorry for?

“You’ve been a kept man and the victim of backdoor deals this whole time… and you even promised to help me get roles. You must have such a hard life.” Ning Jinxin wiped her tears. Chi Yuanfeng couldn’t take it anymore and bellowed, “Ning Jinxin! Get away from me at the speed of light! I never liked you, for Christ’s sake!”

It felt so good to vent one’s true feelings.

Ning Jinxin was bewildered and Chi Yuanfeng let out a breath of relief.

“Why don’t you like me…”

Chi Yuanfeng said, “… Just look at that face of yours!”

Ning Jinxin: !!!

Chi Yuanfeng added, “Your face looks so fake!”

Ning Jinxin: !!!

Chi Yuanfeng added again, “All that plastic surgery and you still look like an old hag!”

Ning Jinxin couldn’t take it anymore. She broke into tears and ran out of the room.

Chi Yuanfeng felt like a load had been lifted off his shoulders. Before he could let out a breath of relief, Fang Shanshan grabbed him by his disheveled shirt and grinned at him in a way that made his flesh creep. “Why, you were going to get roles for her?”

“It’s all a very big misunderstanding!” Chi Yuanfeng said uneasily.

“Misunderstanding my ass! Chi Yuanfeng, you bastard!” Fang Shanshan threw an angry punch at him.

Chi Yuanfeng’s charming, handsome face wrinkled up.

That… hurt… a lot…

“Shanshan… please stop hitting me…” Chi Yuanfeng said in an aggrieved tone.

Fang Shanshan chuckled. “Alright, I can do that.”

She then grabbed him by his ear and dragged him to the bathroom.

Chi Yuanfeng: …!!!

He stopped resisting after putting up a token fight.

She was the girl he loved and she could do anything to him.

Seeing that Chi Yuanfeng had turned as meek as a lamb, Fang Shanshan was displeased. “Hey! Are you giving up already? At least try to look like you’re resisting!”

“So, you like it when I fight back?” Chi Yuanfeng saw the light suddenly and began to yell in a high-pitched voice, “Oh god, let go of me!”

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“What now?” Fang Shanshan snapped.

“Police inspection for prosititution!”

Those words alarmed Chi Yuanfeng and Fang Shanshan right away!