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Chapter 899: Will You Marry Me? (2)

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Sheng Yize raised his eyebrows. “Aren’t you going to write me a ticket?”

“Huh?” The traffic police looked baffled. Sheng Yize only smiled at him. “A ticket, to fine me.”

“Oh, sure…” Only then did the police officer seem to come back to himself. He scribbled out a ticket, which Sheng Yize took with a smile, looking as delighted as befitting a husband who had just been reunited with his wife after a temporary separation.

He hit the gas pedal and the car moved forward, restoring the normal flow of traffic.

The traffic police stood where he was as vehicles drove past him, looking utterly confused.

He had never seen someone so happy to get a ticket. Was this president of Shengshi a masochist or something?!

The Sheng family.

Not a day passed that An Xiaxia hadn’t missed Cola and Pepsi the whole time. Hearing that she was coming back, Grandma and Grandpa Sheng each held a baby in their arms as they waited eagerly at the door.

Grandma Sheng was exhilarated to see An Xiaxia. “Little Xiaxia, you’re finally back!”

An Xiaxia rubbed her eyes and hurried toward them.

Hearing her voice, Cola’s eyes darted around, and his hands then reached for her.

Pepsi was more the carefree type. She was still gulping down milk from her bottle and her belly was all plump.

An Xiaxia held Cola in her arms, her voice choking a little. “Little Cola, did you miss mummy?”

Cola babbled incoherently in reply. Seeing the scarf over An Xiaxia’s face, he pulled it down curiously. After noticing the cuts on An Xiaxia’s face, he suddenly burst out crying.

Hm… was her face so scary now that it had frightened Cola to tears?

Hearing him cry, Pepsi stopped drinking her milk and howled along.

For a moment, twin crying filled the room.

Grandma Sheng cried out in surprise, “Xiaxia, what happened to your face?”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes. She shook her head and didn’t know what to say.

It felt really awful to be despised by her own children.

Sheng Yize pull her into his arms and said in a hurry, “Don’t mind him! They’re just stupid kids. They don’t understand anything!”

“Yeah…” An Xiaxia forced out a smile. At the thought of the hideous scars on her face, she said, “I better put my scarf back on.”

She didn’t want to scare the babies.

Her words pained Sheng Yize. But before An Xiaxia could pull up the scarf, Cola began to babble loudly again.

An Xiaxia turned to him in surprise. Cola’s little hands reached out to touch her cheeks.

His touch was very gentle.

His big black eyes were glistening.

It didn’t seem that he disliked her, but more like… he was feeling sorry for her.

Pepsi had also stopped crying and was making sounds, asking for Xiaxia’s hug.

An Xiaxia was instantly overwhelmed by all her emotions. A warm sensation welled up inside her; it was like a bitter taste at first, but had a long lasting sweetness to it.

“You didn’t scare Cola. I think he only felt sorry for you.” Seeing this, Grandma Sheng couldn’t help but dab the corners of her eyes.

An Xiaxia remembered the saying: no child would think their mother ugly, just like no dog would disdain a poor family.

Her babies were the most considerate children in the whole world!

That same night.

Grandma Sheng took Cola, Pepsi, and little Hope to the children’s room and let Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia spend the night in the guest room.

The bedside lamp on the wall was the only light in the room. In the dim yellow light, Sheng Yize stroked An Xiaxia’s hair gently and asked in a low voice, “Do they hurt?”

He was referring to the wounds on her face.

“It’s alright.” An Xiaxia’s voice was soft and lighthearted. “Hmph, even Cola and Pepsi don’t find me ugly, so neither can you!”

Sheng Yize straightened his face and said, “No matter what you look like, I’ll never give you the cold shoulder.”

“Really?” An Xiaxia eyed him suspiciously.

Sheng Yize asked in resignation, “Are you going to stop liking me if I become ugly?”