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Chapter 897: Learn to Let Go (4)

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An Xiaxia said yes, her voice barely audible.

Even though she knew about Kang Jian’s feelings for her now, she couldn’t do anything other than feel apologetic.

Kang Jian scratched his head, looking vexed.

“Worthless Kang… I’m flattered by your feelings for me… but I already have someone I love. I have my family and my life now. What’s the point of keeping me here? Rather than waste your time on me, I think you should really try to find someone you like, who also likes you. Love should be an attraction felt by both sides.”

Hearing An Xiaxia’s soft voice, a bitter taste filled Kang Jian’s mouth.

Love should be an attraction felt by both sides, not a one-sided thing.

Or it would just be unrequited love.

A fierce look flickered in his eyes and he suddenly approached An Xiaxia like a wolf in the wilderness.

An Xiaxia stumbled back involuntarily, but her way was blocked by the cold, hard wall behind her. Once he was close enough, Kang Jian reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He had fantasized doing this a million times.

However, there was no love or delight in the eyes of the woman in his arms. She only looked scared and he could see that she wanted to run away.

Kang Jian thought of kissing her, but when he saw that An Xiaxia was nearly frightened to tears, he cursed under his breath, smashed his fist on the wall, then stood back up.

“I’ll call Sheng Yize.”

An Xiaxia couldn’t believe what she was hearing and asked dumbly, “Really?”

Tormented, Kang Jian took out his phone and dialed Sheng Yize’s number.

It soon went through and Kang Jian said curtly, “Xiaxia is here with me. She’s fine. I’m sending her back to Yu City now.”

After those words, he hung up before Sheng Yize could say anything.

An Xiaxia’s eyes sparkled, which reminded Kang Jian so much of a dog he used to have when he was little.

It was a stray dog he and An Xiaxia had discovered together. They cleaned it up, got it vaccinated, and treated it like treasure.

The puppy grew with them. Whenever it saw them eat something, it would wag its tail at their feet and look at them with those twinkling eyes.

Ice cream, egg tarts, crayfish, oranges… they fed the puppy everything and the puppy ate them happily.

One day, the dog was gone.

The adults told them that they had sent the dog away, but Kang Jian inadvertently discovered that they had buried the dog in a flowerbed by the road.

The dog had been killed by a car when it ran onto the street.

He couldn’t bring himself to tell An Xiaxia the truth, but he still remembered how she had cried back then, which was even more torturous for him than stabbing him with a needle.

If he could, he never wanted to see An Xiaxia cry again in his life.

There was a saying: letting go was another form of possession.

Xiaxia, letting you go is the last bit of kindness I can give you.

Sheng Yize was ecstatic when he received the phone call.

Xiaxia was alright!

He cheered up immediately and tidied himself up.

Chi Yuanfeng and the others had been coming to visit him every day. Seeing his unusual state today only made them sadder.

“Brother… don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure Xiaxia is alright.” Sticking his head into the bathroom, Chi Yuanfeng tried his best to console him.

Sheng Yize went on shaving and replied indifferently, “Alright.”

“You don’t have to keep it all to yourself. Feel free to cry if you want. It’ll be better for you,” said He Jiayu gently.

“I see.”

Qi Yanxi cleared his throat and said, “Blacky, I’m a pig.”

Sheng Yize gave him a strange look. “Are you out of your mind?”

Qi Yanxi said angrily, “I’m trying to comfort you. Can’t you see that?”

“Heh…” The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched and he said calmly, “Get out of my way. I’m going to go pick up my wife now.”