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Chapter 889: The Real Mystery Caller (12)

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A chill ran down An Xiaxia’s spine and she began to shiver.

Li Fanxing…

She had been behind everything…

There was no remorse in her voice as she laughed in satisfaction.

“You people of the Song family are all so dumb…” Li Fanxing smiled. “He didn’t suspect me at all. I held him from behind, he turned around, and I stabbed him… Haha, he didn’t even have time to struggle and was soon dead.”

“You’re a psycho!” An Xiaxia couldn’t stand it anymore.

“So what if I am?” Li Fanxing smiled prettily.

An Xiaxia was drifting in and out of consciousness. Her eyelids felt like they were glued together and she could hardly keep her eyes open.

She could faintly make out a digital camera lying on the floor a short distance away. Someone must have dropped it when they ran out.

A green light was on and the camera seemed to be recording…

From that angle, it could record the image of her and Li Fanxing…

Even if she had to die here today, she would leave behind the evidence so that Li Fanxing couldn’t get away!

Once that decision was made, An Xiaxia dug her fingernails into her palms, looked up at Li Fanxing, and asked, “What about Li Canxing?”

The mention of that name wiped the smile off Li Fanxing’s face right away.

“Heh.” She only sneered after a moment. “My sister? She died in a cold storage and it was suicide. How do I have anything to do with that?”

Who on earth would kill themselves in a cold storage…

“You killed her!” An Xiaxia said indignantly. “Li Fanxing, she was your family! How could you bring yourself to do it?”

Li Fanxing shrugged. “What’s so hard about that? She was so stupid. I told her that I had hidden Song Shi’s body in a cold storage and she just walked in. I only shut the door from outside. How is it my fault that she couldn’t get out?”

An Xiaxia shuddered at those words. She couldn’t believe that anyone could be that vicious.

Li Fanxing looked closely at An Xiaxia’s face. Even with all the dirt and dust, An Xiaxia still looked stunningly beautiful.

“I won’t kill you myself… You’re going to burn to death here… Teehee.” Li Fanxing grinned. “You’ll know what it feels like to be burnt to charcoal… Before that, though, let me put on some makeup for you, shall I?”

Of course An Xiaxia wouldn’t let her do it. However, Li Fanxing had already rushed to her side as she waved that sharp dagger in An Xiaxia’s face.

An Xiaxia struggled feebly. She had an inkling that by “makeup,” Li Fanxing meant that she was actually going to ruin her face!

“Don’t move… Xiaxia, you do realize that it’s useless to struggle…” As if she was playing with a cat, Li Fanxing made a few cuts on An Xiaxia’s collarbones first before moving on to her face.

An Xiaxia felt the skin on her face cut open, which was followed by a burning pain. Her blood trickled down to the floor.

Bang —

There was a loud noise. Then, blood splattered.

With much difficulty, An Xiaxia managed to slit open her eyes. She could faintly make out a hole that had just appeared in the right side of Li Fanxing’s chest as blood gushed out.

Li Fanxing stared in horror as a figure approached them.

The person walked with a limp. He picked An Xiaxia up in both arms, then raised his gun, pointing it at Li Fanxing’s temple…

“Don’t kill her…” An Xiaxia murmured.

The hand paused, and he put down the gun.

“That… that camera over there. There’s the recording…” After mumbling those words, An Xiaxia reached her limit. She passed out.