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Chapter 888: The Real Mystery Caller (11)

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Looking around, they realized that An Xiaxia was nowhere to be found!

The way out had been too crowded when they left the changing room. Heavy smoke and fire was everywhere and they hadn’t even noticed that they were a person short.

“Xiaxia couldn’t have gotten lost, could she?” Su Xiaomo’s pupils contracted. “I’ll go back in and get her!”

Chi Yuanfeng promptly grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Don’t be silly. The fire is out of control now. Going back in would be suicide! Let’s try looking for her out here first. Call her number. Maybe she’s already out.”

They dialed the number and it rang on the other end.

The beeping sound went on, but no one picked up.

All the moisture in An Xiaxia’s body felt like it was going to evaporate in the scorching heat as she stumbled her way out.

It was only in this critical moment that she realized that Sheng Yize’s suggestion to work out more was actually a good one.

Shortly after they got out of the changing room, she lost sight of Su Xiaomo and the others. She had no choice but to follow the throng of people and head for the entrance.

When she turned a corner, someone covered her mouth all of a sudden. Before she could make any sound, she was dragged into an empty room.

It was the movie hall from earlier.

The sharp blade of a dagger was then pressed to her neck.

“Who are you…” An Xiaxia struggled to ask.

“Heh…” There was a familiar-sounding chuckle. “Haven’t you been looking for me all this time? You’ve finally found me now. Are you happy?”

That voice belonged to…


“What do you want?” An Xiaxia’s forehead was covered in fine sweat and she fought to remain composed.

“What do I want? I want to ruin you.” The vicious chuckle resonated in the hall and the dagger slid lightly across An Xiaxia’s fair cheek. Blood oozed out right away. “I want you dead!”

An Xiaxia drew in a painful breath. “Killing me will only bring you death. You don’t have to do this!”

“Bring me death? Says who?” After that, a few pills were stuffed into An Xiaxia’s mouth and she was forced to swallow them all.

A pair of ghostly eyes flickered in the darkness, looking eerie.

An Xiaxia finally made out her face.

It was Li Fanxing.

She smiled like the devil when she patted An Xiaxia on her cheek. “Sleep now and don’t wake up.”

An Xiaxia bit her lip until it bled, letting the pain keep her awake. She then asked, “Are you that person? The mysterious caller?”

Li Fanxing was surprisingly honest. “I am. See, knowing this makes no difference. You’re still going to die and I’ll live a happy life after this.”

“But why? What have I ever done to you to deserve this?”

“There’s no reason. I just don’t like you.” Li Fanxing grinned.

Li Fanxing just couldn’t accept that An Xiaxia could easily obtain the things that she herself couldn’t.

An Xiaxia had stolen her man and her spotlight. She had a family, friends, and love now.

Heh… why could An Xiaxia have everything?

An Xiaxia now thought that Li Fanxing had to be a psychopath.

Thinking that An Xiaxia wasn’t going to get out of this alive, Li Fanxing wouldn’t stop giggling.

“I was the one who drugged you during that music competition back then.

“When I found out who you really were, I was the one who stole your diary and gave it to Song Qingchen.

“I arranged for people to drive into your dad and brother. Unfortunately… you surrendered too quickly. It wasn’t fun at all.

“Oh, and there was also the thing with Rong Che and Jian Xin’er. I instructed them to kidnap you.

“And what else… Hm? I was the one who killed Song Shi, hahaha!”