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Chapter 886: The Real Mystery Caller (9)

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Wow! Fengfeng in a dress? She would never miss that!

An Xiaxia handed Cola and Pepsi to Sheng Yize right away and went to the premiere with Su Xiaomo and Fang Shanshan.

After having dinner, they found a karaoke house, where they sang until midnight. They then entered the movie theatre through the VIP entrance.

Media reporters waited outside the movie hall in large groups, for the director and main actors and actresses would all be attending the premiere. Those invited to this event were either those who worked in showbiz or were celebrities.

Their seats were just a little behind the middle section and were probably the best seats in the hall.

The host went on stage, said a few words, and announced the beginning of the show tonight. After that, the movie began.

Everyone went quiet and the only sound was the soothing opening theme of the movie.

It was a coming-of-age drama, featuring the nostalgia of first love. The plot was on the weaker side, but the relationship between the main characters was depicted rather nicely. An Xiaxia almost broke into tears when the movie reached the last bit.

The heroine of the movie, a dancer, lost both her legs in a traffic accident. The hero put on a red dancing dress, ignored all the ridicule, and danced for her.

The girl’s eyes brimmed with tears and the smile on her face was beautiful.

The scene brought tears to the eyes of most of the audience.

Sob…” Fang Shanshan cried the hardest. “That was so sad! I wouldn’t have come and watched this movie if I knew that was going to happen!”

An Xiaxia dabbed at the corners of her eyes. They couldn’t help it. Women were easily moved by such stories and the movie was just one of those!

Come to think of it, Fengfeng indeed looked stunning in a dress! Just look at those legs and that waistline… Apart from the flat chest, everything else was perfect!

After the movie, the host invited the director and main performers on stage and let the media people come in to interview them and take photos.

An Xiaxia and the other two were going to leave, but they then saw Chi Yuanfeng go up on stage. He had put on a dress to promote the movie!

The hall erupted at that. Chi Yuanfeng answered a few questions, scratched his head shyly, then went off stage after a few words with his manager.

“Aww! He must be headed backstage! Let’s get him!” Eyes shining, Fang Shanshan dragged An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo by their hands and ran backstage.

The door to the changing room burst open, and Fang Shanshan guffawed as Chi Yuanfeng stared at them in astonishment. “Little Fengfeng, come play with your big sisters~”

Chi Yuanfeng blushed. “You people… stop it.”

“Why, are you shy now?” Su Xiaomo caressed his chin in a roguish manner, while An Xiaxia asked a cute question, “Fengfeng, can I lift your skirt?”

Chi Yuanfeng felt like crying. He was a man! Why was he getting harrassed by these three women?!

Despite his reluctant tone, he still followed their instructions. Raising the lower hem of his red lace dress, he said in a desperate tone, “I have long underpants on underneath. You won’t see anything.”

“Wow! Fengfeng, you even have lace garters on!”

“They have cat ears! So cute!”

“Yeah, nice legs! Take pictures! Quickly!”

Chi Yuanfeng’s face turned redder. “You guys, that’s enough!”


Their jovial banter in the room covered the faint sound of the lock turning outside…

A couple of minutes later, someone outside cried out, “Oh my god! Fire! Call 119!”

The four in the room froze at that. Chi Yuanfeng came back to himself first and said, “Run!”

Su Xiaomo went to open the door and found it locked!

She tried to force it open, but it wouldn’t budge.

Chi Yuanfeng tried it himself. He hauled and pulled, but the door simply wouldn’t open.

The changing room was tiny and windowless.

All four faces turned pale.

They were trapped.