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Chapter 882: The Real Mystery Caller (5)

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Sheng Yize deliberately straightened his expression. “It’s not safe for you to know too much. Go to sleep now, or I’ll make you sleep — with my method!”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia gave him a resentful look, turned her back on him in a huff, and wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

Sheng Yize sighed with relief. He’d rather she was mad at him than ask him about the mysterious caller.

Sheng Qingyi had told him nothing.

Because right now, he was lying in the hospital.

He had had a stroke and there was a possibility he would be partially paralyzed.

They had no idea when he would regain consciousness.

Sheng Yize could only count on himself now.

Gazing at An Xiaxia’s back with a brooding look in his eyes, Sheng Yize promised in his head, “Xiaxia, I will protect you and our babies!”

That weekend.

After traveling around the world, Qi Yanxi finally came back to Yu City.

As expected, he invited Sheng Yize, An Xiaxia, and the babies to Yuan Hotel to have dinner together.

Little Cola was very fond of him. Qi Yanxi could hug and kiss the baby as he liked and Cola would only grin at him.

“You’re so adorable…” Qi Yanxi laughed heartily. Rubbing little Cola’s head, he said, “Now, let’s try ‘daddy.’”

Crack —

There came the sound of snapping chopsticks.

An Xiaxia looked at Sheng Yize, who had just snapped his chopsticks in half and looked as if he was ready to strangle someone, and said in resignation, “Qi Yanxi, stop making fun of Cola.”

“What’s wrong with calling me daddy? You do realize that there’s a very long waiting list of kids that want me as their godfather, right? You ungrateful couple, hmph!” Qi Yanxi stuffed Cola back into An Xiaxia’s arms, looking disgruntled.

“Hey, don’t be mad…”

“Ignore him!” Sheng Yize pulled his wife back to him. “He’s just an idiot. Having him as a godfather would seriously hamper our baby’s IQ.”

Pfft —

Qi Yanxi almost choked on his own spit.

“If I’m an idiot, you’re an even bigger idiot!”

“Please leave me out of this. We obviously belong to two different species in terms of our IQ.” Sheng Yize sipped his tea casually.

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes. Something then dawned on him and he asked, “Hey, what’s with the Li family? With all that money I gave her, the investments should have at least brought their business back to life a little, but I saw that they’ve filed for bankruptcy already! What the hell?”

“You gave her money? Can’t get over your ex-girlfriend, can you?” Sheng Yize gave him a look of disdain.

Blue veins popped on Qi Yanxi’s forehead. “That’s called being generous! Would you lend Xiao Cheng money if she asked for it?”

“I’m sorry, but she was just a rumored girlfriend, not a real ex. You’re looking at my first love right this moment and as you can see, we already have two babies.” Sheng Yize smiled.

Sheng Yize vs Qi Yanxi.

Qi Yanxi had just suffered a crushing defeat.

In a dispirited voice, Qi Yanxi said, “Fine… whatever you say. Hey… wait a minute. Isn’t that Li Fanxing out there?”

Following his gaze, Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia saw Father Li walk out a short distance away, supported by Li Fanxing and a waiter. Li Fanxing was struggling with the task and she was limping.

“Why, your old love is in distress. Aren’t you going to give her a hand?” Sheng Yize teased him.

Qi Yanxi was in the habit of going against Sheng Yize’s expectations. Smacking the table, he rose to his feet and said, “I’m gonna show you how to save a damsel in distress!”

He quickly ran after them.

An Xiaxia asked, “Li Fanxing has hurt Flower Qi so many times, why did you bait him?”

Sheng Yize put a piece of meat on An Xiaxia’s plate and said casually, “Don’t you see that with him gone, we can finally eat quietly as a family?”

An Xiaxia was speechless. It must be so exhausting to be this scheming all the time…