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Chapter 878: The Real Mystery Caller (1)

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“That’s you, Lord Jealousy…” An Xiaxia pursed her lips and made a face at him. “And you’re a tsundere, too!”

Sheng Yize gave her a threatening smile. “Are you not planning to get out of bed tomorrow?”

An Xiaxia: …

“Wa —” An Xiaxia was saved by two loud crying voices.

Picking Pepsi up, Sheng Yize expertly changed her diaper. When it was Cola’s turn, he giggled at Sheng Yize for no reason.

Hm? Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow, unwrapped his diaper, and found it… still dry.

Wait… dry?!

Splash —

Cola peed all over his dad’s face…

Yup, all over his face…

An Xiaxia fought hard to keep from cracking up. She gave little Cola a thumbs up in her head. Well done, my son!

She picked Cola up, and he stuck his tongue out at her and gave her a smug look that said, “I’ve avenged you. Praise me.”

Sheng Yize went to wash his face and threatened Cola in a grim tone after he got back, “I can sell you any minute and use the money to buy milk powder for Pepsi!”

They didn’t know how much Cola could understand, but the baby was probably frightened by his father’s cold voice and the look on his little face could almost be described as “horrified.”

An Xiaxia mocked Sheng Yize. “You do realize he’s your son, right? Like, biological son?” Be nice to him!

Sheng Yize always noticed the strangest things. He gave An Xiaxia a look and said, “Who else do you want to have a kid with?”

“…” An Xiaxia wisely chose to keep silent so as not to piss off a certain person again. That guy’s IQ seemed to drop once he became jealous.

It only took Xiao Yan three days to edit all the photos, which he sent to An Xiaxia.

That started An Xiaxia’s posting spree as she showed off her babies. Cola and Pepsi’s photos were all she posted on her social media accounts.

Out there in another country, Qi Yanxi’s phone dinged once.

It was a notification for a new post from an account he paid special attention to.

There was only one account in that category: [Watermelon Eats Summer].

Tapping it open, Qi Yanxi saw the pictures of Pepsi and Cola. He smiled a little, then gave the post a thumbs up.

The woman he loved had become a wife and a mother. All he could do now was like every post she put up.

When Li Fanxing came to him again, Qi Yanxi was not at all surprised.

She smiled obsequiously and pleaded over and over again. “Yanxi… I’ll do anything. Please, help us…”

Qi Yanxi wanted to throw her out like last time, but suddenly, he changed his mind.

“I can help you.”

At those words, Li Fanxing looked ecstatic.

“But, you have to tell me, why are you doing all these things for the Li family?” Qi Yanxi asked in a serious tone. “You’re not really the daughter of the family, are you?”

Boom —

Li Fanxing felt as if a thunderbolt had just struck her in the head.

She clenched her fists and forced a smile. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I know you’re not Li Jiang’s biological daughter.” Leaning on the doorframe, Qi Yanxi looked lazily at Li Fanxing.

Li Fanxing gripped the dagger in her bag involuntarily, but she didn’t do anything rash this time.

After all, Qi Yanxi wasn’t Song Shi.

Killing another person would only bring her more trouble.

The Li family wouldn’t be able to do anything for her this time.

“You’re right…” Li Fanxing sounded like she was going to cry. “But the Li family is the only family I have. No one wants their own family to be ruined.”

Qi Yanxi nodded, then looked sharply at her. “One more question: is the baby’s father really Song Shi?”