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Chapter 877: Don’t Mess with A Scheming Guy (5)

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An Xiaxia nibbled at her fingers and refreshed the page.

She soon got some replies.

[Lovey-dovey Dies Quickly]: The poster is here to show off! Look! Husband! She has a husband!

[Innocent Gay Boy]: Hey, it could be a “he”, you know?

[Miss Mimi the Onlooker]: Shit… You’re giving me image of a very naughty slash fiction… Tsk, tsk. The passionate lovelife of a scheming top and an innocent bottom…

[Innocent Gay Boy]: Buddy, I want to read it! I’m so going to bookmark it, rate it, and follow it if you write it!

[Killer of Pretty Girls]: You digress, people… The poster was asking about making her husband happy again. Men are so easily pleased. Give them some kisses and hugs, then take them to bed. “Honey, you’re the best. Honey, give me more.” And you’re almost there, talk to him in your sweetest voice. “Honey, forgive me~” I guarantee you that’ll work!

An Xiaxia blushed at those words and scrolled down.

The replies after that were all over the place.

“Damn, what was that Kill of Pretty Girls guy thinking? I’m getting majoy second-hand embarrassment here!”

“I feely you… Although, come to think of it, work him in bed is really effective.”

“That’s right. Nothing can’t be solved by a good shag. If there is, make it ten, or a hundred!”


An Xiaxia put down her phone in resignation.

What bothered her the most was that she didn’t want to talk about anything with Sheng Yize in bed.

Otherwise, she would always end up being the losing side…


She got out of bed to check up on Pepsi and Cola, then went back to the old Sheng family home to see little Hope. The whole time, An Xiaxia was trying to find out a way to make Sheng Yize back to normal.

That night when Sheng Yize got back home, he was greeted by An Xiaxia’s warm welcome.

“Honey, are you tire? Do you want to eat anything?”

Sheng Yize let An Xiaxia take off his tie and helpt him into his slippers, then asked in a surprised tone, “Are you going to cook me anything I want?”

“Teehee…” An Xiaxia smiled in embarrassement. “I can order takeout for you!”

Sheng Yize gave her an “I knew it” look, asking, “I know you’re up to something. What is it?”

An Xiaxia put her palms together and said earnestly, “Honey, please tell me what I did wrong? You’ve been … much less gentle these days…” Savage, that was what he was…

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t. Are you questioning my love for you? We can always do more tonight…”

“No! Don’t!” An Xiaxia shrieked like a cat that had just been stepped on its tail. Looking defeated, she said, “Sheng Yize, I’m really sorry… Please stop this. My back is going to break…”

It seemed he could just keep going, but she couldn’t take it anymore…

“If you’re that weak, we can work out together every day.” Sheng Yize smiled.

Only then did it dawn on An Xiaxia. “Are you acting out because I said you were going to get fat last time?”

“Hmph, I’m not that childish.” Sheng Yize sneered. But she could almost see the line on his forehead: I will never get fat!

“So, you’re jealous of Xiao Yan, then?”


“It is…” An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say. “Lord Jealousy, you’re the only man I love. Why would you be jealous of anyone…”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and smiled in satisfaction. “I like that last bit. But what do you mean by ‘Lord Jealousy’?”