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Chapter 872: Flower Qi Is Made a Dad (5)

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“…” An Xiaxia said a silent prayer for Qi Yanxi in her head.

“What’s a secondhand dad?” Meatball asked once again curiously.

Fang Mo cleared his throat. “It’s… when a dad doesn’t have a baby, but a baby insists on calling him dad.”

Meatball instantly saw the light and turned to Gu Zichen. “Daddy, brother calls you dad, too. Does that make you a secondhand dad?”

Gu Zichen was speechless.

“Meatball, it’s time to go home! You’re not getting any more candy this month!” Mr. Gu switched to his official haughty mode, said goodbye, and left with his daughter and wife.

An Xiaxia asked anxiously, “Will Meatball be alright?”

“Don’t worry.” Sheng Yize smiled. “I’m gonna call Qi Yanxi and listen to a livestream.”

“… Why do I feel like you’re very happy?” He practically had “I’m enjoying this” written all over his face.

Sheng Yize said with a straight face, “Well, I’m just concerned about him.”

The call went through and they heard Qi Yanxi’s irritated voice on the other end. “What?”

Sheng Yize said unhurriedly, “I was told that you’re going to become a father, and I thought I should call to congratulate you.”

“Screw you!!” Qi Yanxi snapped. “Shit, Sheng Yize, don’t tell me this is your doing! Damn it! It’s not even my child. Why does this woman have to come to me? Do I look that gullible?”

“Actually, you do.”

“Go to hell!”

Qi Yanxi bellowed at the top of his lungs, then hung up.

He had just taken a shower and his hair was still wet. Agitated, he grabbed a towel and rubbed his head with it.

There was a beep at the door, which was from the swipe of a room card.

Immediately after that, the door opened and Li Fanxing walked in.

She was carrying a few boxes and she said in a gentle voice, “I brought you something to eat. I made everything myself.”

“Shit…” Qi Yanxi threw away his towel. “Li Fanxing, are you nuts?! What are you doing here? Trying to get me to take responsibility for you?”

The smile froze on Li Fanxing’s face and she said in a humble voice, “Can we start over…”

Qi Yanxi found those words so ironic.

Back then when he had knelt and begged Li Fanxing, she had left without hesitation.

And here she was now, begging him. What the hell?

“We should never have started in the first place.” Qi Yanxi smirked. “Did you have fun lying to me?”

The look on Li Fanxing’s face changed. “You… you know what happened?”

“That’s right. I do.” Qi Yanxi walked toward her. “I now know that Mu Li was the one who saved me. Mu Li was the one who knew who I fell in love with and she should also have been the girl I doted on!”

Intimidated by his demeanor, Li Fanxing cringed back involuntarily.

Qi Yanxi forced her into a corner, his face grim. “It was never you. Why did you pretend to be her?”

Li Fanxing thought sarcastically, “Why do you think? Because you were stupid!”

It was just that she couldn’t say those words out loud.

In order to save her family, she had abandoned all her dignity and pride.

“Yanxi… I only found it funny in the beginning, but I couldn’t tell you after a while, because I knew you’d be angry…” Li Fanxing’s eyelashes quivered and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Do you feel nothing for me at all? Don’t you miss what we had before?”

Qi Yanxi fell silent.

After all, she had been his first love. Even with all the deceit, he had genuinely loved Li Fanxing once.

However, the more he loved her back then, the more it seemed ridiculous now.

“Get out!” he growled.

Li Fanxing fainted all of a sudden and slumped toward him…