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Chapter 868: Flower Qi Is Made a Dad (1)

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Li Canxing was completely freaked out. She stood there dazed for a very long time without saying a word.

An Xiaxia finally realized that Xiao Cheng had been probing all along.

She had made a show of accusing An Xiaxia of being the killer so as to lower Li Canxing’s guard, and Xiao Cheng would then be able to fish for information.

But… what about Li Fanxing?

Xiao Cheng seemed to read her mind, and she gave An Xiaxia an alluring smile. “Your husband will handle her.”


As soon as Li Fanxing got back to her hotel room, she began to pack her things and was ready to leave.

Fearing that the police might be waiting for her at the airport, she was going to take a ship to a nearby country and fly from there.

Once she was back at home, no one would be able to stand in her way. Despite the crisis the Li family was facing, they were still capable enough to make this go away for her.

Gripping the flight ticket in her hand, she smiled in satisfaction.

Those two idiots would be her scapegoats.

Humming a tune, she walked out of the hotel. However, a group of people stopped her at the front entrance.

Li Fanxing was astonished when a man approached her and showed her his credentials. From his accent, she could tell that he was from Yu City as well. “Miss Li, you’re under arrest for fraud. Please come with us.”

“What fraud? You’re making things up!”

The man moved aside to make way for Sheng Yize, who had arrived unhurriedly at that moment. In a lazy voice, he said, “It was her, alright. She swindled me when I was drunk and tricked me into writing her a check for one hundred million.”

A female officer frisked Li Fanxing and soon found that check on her.

“Here’s the evidence. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Li Fanxing was furious. “He gave it to me himself! I’m pregnant with Song Shi’s baby and that… that was my compensation! Use your brain!”

Sheng Yize blinked, looking very innocent. “You’re having Song Shi’s baby, not mine. Song Shi was Xiaxia’s cousin, but they weren’t that close at all. Plus, it’s just a baby. Why would I give you so much money for it?”

“Exactly! It’s pure fraud!”

“Just admit it! You’re only embarrassing yourself like this!”

“I never thought the daughter of the Li family would do such a thing…”


Even the plainclothes officers began to berate Li Fanxing, afire with righteous indignation.

Li Fanxing was completely at a loss. She only realized then that despite her plan to set An Xiaxia up, she had just been set up by Sheng Yize!

Back at the hotel.

Cold sweat covered Li Canxing’s forehead. She didn’t know how to respond.

Xiao Cheng had turned very aggressive and was throwing one harsh question after another at her. Li Canxing was able to answer some of them at first, but there were too many loopholes in her lies and she had to make up new lies to cover them up. In the end, there were so many inconsistencies in her story that she was practically feeding Xiao Cheng new evidence.

“Miss Li, how long are we going to play this game? Although, I do have enough evidence here to prosecute you already,” said Xiao Cheng with an attractive smile. “Hey, Xiaxia, I heard that your brother is an elite lawyer, is that right?”

An Xiaxia said, “Yes…”

“Does he have a girlfriend? Can you set us up?” Xiao Cheng grinned, which gave Li Canxing the creeps.

They all knew each other…

If An Xiaxia really wanted her dead, she could hand everything to her brother and insist that Li Canxing was the killer. Would the Li family be able to save her then?

Li Canxing hesitated as she considered giving them the real culprit…

“Sister Chengzi!” A young man rushed into the room cheerfully. “A suspect just turned himself in!”

“Turned himself in?” Everyone in the room was surprised by the news.

“That’s right! I just got a phone call from Yu City… This is great! We can close the case now!”

Yu City…

So, the killer wasn’t someone who lived on the island?