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Chapter 862: Blacky Sheng Is Drunk (1)

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Li Fanxing was utterly embarrassed by Su Xiaomo’s laughter.

However, at the thought of her father’s expectations, she could only put her dignity aside. “Xiaxia… what do you think?”

An Xiaxia finally realized that the woman was here for money…

“Why should I give you any money…” An Xiaxia was utterly baffled. “Do you think Song Shi and I are that close that I’ll raise his baby?”

Li Fanxing said anxiously, “But the baby is a child of the Song family!”

“Wait a second! Let’s discuss who the father is later. Just tell us how much you want,” Fang Shanshan raised her chin and said in a domineering tone.

As the princess of the Fang family, she found someone like Li Fanxing repulsive.

Li Fanxing chuckled awkwardly. As shameless as she was, she still felt like blushing under the gazes of the other three.

Su Xiaomo interjected, “I think a million is enough. You can get a surrogate mother for much less nowadays. We’ll give you a premium to buy milk powder for the baby.”

“A million? Am I a beggar now?” Enraged, Li Fanxing blurted out those words.

Fang Shanshan raised an eyebrow. “Ten million, then.”

Li Fanxing still looked disappointed.

Su Xiaomo was astonished. “Don’t tell me you want a hundred million!”

Li Fanxing still kept her silence.

An Xiaxia chuckled. “Do you take me for an idiot?”

As the Song family heiress, a hundred million wasn’t a big deal for either her or Sheng Yize.

However, the way Li Fanxing acted now was taking An Xiaxia for a fool.

“I can cover all your expenses during your pregnancy,” An Xiaxia reasoned with her. “But, after the child is born, I’ll run a DNA test. The Song family will raise the child if it’s ours, but if it’s not…”

She smiled meaningfully.

Li Fanxing said angrily, “Why should I have the baby at all, then? Do you think I won’t have an abortion?”

“It’s your child and your decision. I have no right to meddle,” said An Xiaxia indifferently. “If you don’t want it, all I can say is that I feel sorry for the child.”

Li Fanxing looked like she had just been slapped in the face. She had never expected An Xiaxia to outright refuse her.

“Miss Li, please think it over.”

After that, An Xiaxia beckoned at Su Xiaomo and Fang Shanshan. “Let’s go.”

“Wait!” Li Fanxing called after her and said arrogantly, “Give me the money first. A hundred million it is, then… I can live with that little for now!”

An Xiaxia: …

Fang Shanshan: …

Su Xiaomo: …

“Li Fanxing, who on earth do you think you are? Even if someone owes you, that person should be Song Shi! What right do you have to ask Xiaxia for anything? You’re shameless even for a swindler!”

Short-tempered, Su Xiaomo cried out loud right away.

Li Fanxing rose to her feet. “Give me the money.”

An Xiaxia smiled. “I won’t. What are you going to do?”

Enraged, Li Fanxing raised her hand and wanted to slap An Xiaxia. However, it was blocked by Fang Shanshan halfway.

“Enough!” Fang Shanshan scolded. Tears welled up in Li Fanxing’s eyes as she said, “How can you treat me like this…”

She had never been humiliated like this in her entire life!

She had begged An Xiaxia. Why wouldn’t An Xiaxia help her?

It never occurred to her that with everything she had done to An Xiaxia, the latter had no reason to help her at all!

“You want money, right?” A pleasant voice rang out at that moment. Sheng Yize was leaning on the glass door nearby, and none of them knew how long he had been there.