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Chapter 861: The Naughty Idol (10)

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Seeing the harmonious scene over on the other end around An Xiaxia, Li Fanxing’s eyes spat flames of rage.

Why… why could An Xiaxia live such a happy life…

Whereas she herself had fallen from the clouds and was struggling in the mud.

And now, she had to act all humble and beg An Xiaxia for money…

The more she thought about it, the angrier Li Fanxing became. When she looked up again, she was surprised to spot Li Canxing!

Dragging Li Canxing to a corner, she asked furiously, “What are you doing here?”

“You’re here, so why can’t I be?” Li Canxing curled her red lips. “Are you getting a guilty conscience now? Afraid that I might tell other people what you’ve done?”

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth. “Li Canxing! You’re trying to ruin me, aren’t you?!”

“Did you even think about me when you did what you did to Song Shi?” Tears welled up in Li Canxing’s eyes. “You have yourself to blame for this!”

“He was just some random guy. Are you really going to fall out with me because of that?” Li Fanxing raised her eyebrows.

Li Canxing clenched her fists.

Of course she couldn’t.

Right now, the Li family was depending on Li Fanxing to get money from An Xiaxia. Ruining Li Fanxing would do herself no good.

“Hmph!” Li Canxing looked away. “One day, I’m going to get revenge for Song Shi!”

Li Fanxing gave her an eerie smile. “I… look forward to it.”

Let’s see who will be the one laughing in the end!

The guests gradually arrived. The cups went around gaily and everyone was enjoying themselves.

An Xiaxia sat with Su Xiaomo and Fang Shanshan. Looking at the three cute babies, Fang Shanshan was practically drooling.

“So adorable… Xiaxia, Momo… I want a baby, too.”

“Go have one yourself, then~” An Xiaxia winked at her. A few steps away, Chi Yuanfeng was drinking with Sheng Yize. However, an innocent boy like him was no match for our scheming idol, and he was drunk in no time.

Fang Shanshan darted him a sidelong glance and blushed. “I’m not having his baby! Hmph!”

Playing with Pepsi, Fang Shanshan recalled their bedtime activity last night. Her heart began to race.

The three of them were enjoying their conversation when Li Fanxing approached them.

“Xiaxia.” She lowered her eyes, ready to cry. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

Alarmed, An Xiaxia looked at her, but didn’t move.

“What is it?”

“Let’s talk in private…” Li Fanxing bit her lip. “It’s about Song Shi.”

An Xiaxia blinked. “Alright. Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

Fang Shanshan and Su Xiaomo rose to their feet immediately. “We’re coming with you!”

Li Fanxing forced a smile. “Can’t it just be the two of us?”

An Xiaxia had no intention of granting her wish and Li Fanxing had to follow the other three to the hotel swimming pool.

After making sure that no one else was around, Li Fanxing said brazenly, “I’m pregnant. It’s Song Shi’s baby.”

“So?” An Xiaxia frowned.

“…” Not expecting to get such an indifferent response from An Xiaxia, Li Fanxing clenched her fists and pressed on. “Song Shi was the only child of his family. I want to keep this baby for him, so that he can live on through the child… but if I do bring it into this world, my life will be ruined… I’ll be criticized if I’m going to raise the child all by myself…”

An Xiaxia had no idea what Li Fanxing was getting at. How did she have anything to do with the whole thing?

The child was nothing to her. If Li Fanxing wanted to keep the baby, she should go to Song Shi’s parents.

Su Xiaomo chuckled. “Just cut to the chase. Now, name your price. How much do you want?”